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Many people just do not pay too much attention to song lyrics when they listen to music. But for those who do otherwise, there are just too many songs that have unfitting lyrics. The alarming issue is that such songs are rising in number.

Through the years, there are numerous songs that are released to please the ears instead of to please the grammar teachers.

There should not be any ado, as song fanatics would argue. To them, music is not very much about the lyrics and words used. Rhythm comes most importantly. But how about those who think lyrics of songs do matter? If misheard lyrics of songs never falter to draw unnecessary attention and controversy, lyrics that do not make sense but just fits music and tunes are cause of distraction.

Inappropriate and non-sense lyrics are problems in both new and old songs. Many music enthusiasts and analysts just could not figure out how many composers and lyricists allow such blunders. Some observers even figure out that creating and putting unnecessary and inappropriate words as lyrics may even facilitate attempts for publicity stints. It could be true. But in the end, some songs are flawed and are criticized because of non-sense lyrics.

If you are a great composer who spends so much time, effort, and inspiration just to create a tune and a melody, would you allow your music to be ruined just because of ineffective lyrics? Typical composers would say of course not, but history has it that some of the most popular and immortal songs would not achieve the same stellar status if not for the ‘befitting’ lyrics that make people remember them more. Listen and take note of some cases.

Legendary Paul McCartney has a classic popular song called ‘Live and Let Die.’ There is a line that says, ‘in this ever (take note of the first ‘in) changing world in which (take note of the second ‘in’ and then brace for another one) we live in.’ Three ‘ins’ contained in just 10 words would be totally unacceptable to grammar advocates. The phrase ‘which we live’ could already make it work instead of ‘which we live in’ but the meter obviously required one more word and no other one-syllable word would sound great but ‘in.’

In the song (one of the immortals) ‘You Are So Beautiful’ take note of a famous line that says ‘you are so beautiful’ but followed by ‘to me.’ Many jokes have circulated in reference to this song. How could any woman think it flattering to hear that she is beautiful but only to the eyes of the other person? It means the woman could look like a dog but to one man, she looks like Julia Roberts. Music was responsible for this flawed song lyrics.

Many people do not expect song lyrics to make sense. But it would be worthwhile if composers and lyricists would see to it that music and lyrics make sense in every song. This article is presented by Tia Briggs of

Even legendary artists have chosen to be a part of Song Lyrics, that are there just to make the song good, read more at
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