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You probably have experienced being annoyed by a person who puts wrong lyrics when singing your favorite song? Worse, such person may even keep on singing the song and adds even more blunders by putting on more wrong lyrics. Some people simply could not help putting an ad lib or interpreting songs using their own lyrics, with grammatical and sense errors.

Have you ever noticed that some songs are naturally coming with lyrics that are grammatically incorrect and are not making sense? Yet, many composers and lyricists keep on producing and releasing such songs because it is just impossible or very difficult not to give in to the need to come up with lyrics that just fits into music measurements. In fact, many of the most popular songs of all times, sung by the most influential singers and recording artists, are striking with erroneous and inappropriate lyrics.

The problem about lyrics of many songs is escalated by people who unconsciously sing songs with incorrect lyrics. There are four basic reasons why some people keep on doing such mistakes. If you are a fascist textualist (or a person who care most about song lyrics), it would help you understand and tolerate such people if you would know and understand why lyrics are mistaken.

First, some songs simply have misheard lyrics. If you would look at the official and actual transcriptions of the song lyrics, you would find that words and sentences are grammatically correct and are making logical sense. However, phonetics has it that some words simply could always be misheard.

Second, some people just do not understand the song lyrics, or worse, they do not comprehend what a song is all about. Singers who are not naturally speaking the language of a particular song may not totally understand the message and content of it.

Third, some people have a superiority complex to think their own lyrics are better than the actual lyrics of a song. To these people, music is not all that matters, but also words. Some of them correct lyrics with grammatical errors, while some just do not feel like saying or singing specific words. In some cases, there are words that are hard to pronounce in music lyrics. Thus, some singers tend to use synonyms or homonyms to avoid difficulty and blunders in pronunciations.

Lastly, some people enjoy putting ad lib to replace actual song lyrics. They might be singing to make people laugh, or they might be doing so because they aim to irk specific people. Thus, if a friend of yours keeps on singing a song with erratic lyrics despite seeing that you are totally annoyed, he might be doing it intentionally.

What should you do with such people? Basically, you have no choice but to endure and tolerate. If you could raise to the person’s attention the mispronounced or mistaken song lyrics, do so. But if you could not out of politeness, you could just give him a book of song lyrics as a gift.

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