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By Barun Tarun last 2 months ago

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By Meer Anis last 6 months ago

Do you intend to write song lyrics? Just like when composing any written output, you need to make sure you use the right words in the right measure to fit specific melodies or tunes. It could be a really challenging and difficult task. That is the reason why many composers and songwriters tend to collaborate with lyricists to produce songs for commercial releases. Some music composers are good in creating melodies but not in writing lyrics.

Of course, writing song lyrics involve using words in a language strategically and creatively. Lyrics are not just written to express message. It has never been that simple. There are many factors to consider like the theme and of course the measure of tunes. That is why you could notice that most songs have lyrics and rhymes that are consistent in number of syllables.

Here are several tips that could help you write song lyrics more effectively.

1. Do not adhere to limitations brought about by rhyming. It is imperative and effective that last words in lines, particularly in the same stanzas, rhyme. Doing so makes lyrics catchy and memorable. Rhyming is to many the hardest part of lyrics writing. It could take so much time and effort to come up with song lyrics with rhyming words. It is also hard to find and use rhyming words that are making good sense and are complying with specific themes and subjects.

2. Try to assume the mood you aim to project in your song. Lyrics are words that should convey messages and affect moods and behaviors of people. Because of this, lyrics directly tell stories or convince listeners to adopt behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. If you aim to make people fall in love, use romantic words and themes.

3. Do not set specific time and venues for writing song lyrics. Words are not forced out from your mind. You might not actually like it, but song lyrics sometimes pop up immediately at unexpected times of the day, while you are in an inspiring place. That is why keeping a small journal or notebook for listing those thoughts is imperative and advisable.

4. Stick to a single topic all throughout a song. Treat song lyrics like actual writing of compositions or telling of stories. If you are talking about love, it is not appropriate to also talk about religion, studies, environment, and other unrelated subjects. You should not unintentionally arouse confusion among listeners. Tell them a single subject or theme.

5. Use your actual past experiences when narrating stories through your lyrics. Getting more personal with listeners is a key to effectively touching their emotions.

6. Be persistent and avoid easily giving up especially during times you actually could not write any song lyrics. As mentioned, lyrics and words could not be forced out of your mind, but it tends to come out naturally, especially when you are inspired. Motivation and inspiration are essential to coming out with thought- and emotions-provoking song lyrics. They are the secrets of the best lyricists.

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