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By Meer Anis last 7 months ago

Nobody said music lyrics writing is easy. Even seasoned and professional lyricists deal with many difficulties and setbacks when writing lasting and effective lyrics. In definition, lyrics are words that are to convey the real message of any music. Such words are perfectly measured and integrated into catchy and emotions-provoking melodies to come up with good musics.

Anyone could try to write lyrics. You do not have to be a musician or a composer to do so. In fact, many composers and musicwriters today are collaborating with other people to put lyrics into tunes. If you want to take a career in music but your voice is not very aesthetic and your talent using musical instruments is not exceptional, why not try to be a master lyricist?

To be able to create original and really effective music lyrics, it would be best if you would be very creative in the use of words. You must natively or naturally speak a language, which you would use in your music lyrics. It would be futile to try coming out with lyrics that are not grammatically correct or that are not making correct sense. Write in your own language to be comfortable at doing it.

The beauty of language, especially English, is that there are many ways to get around them. Creativity could always be used to play around with words. You could easily use this to your advantage. Words that are meant to mesmerize and make other people feel better are effective music lyrics. You could be creative and effective in composing phrases and sentences and making them fit in measure with any scaled melody or music tune.

Do you fear your words might be similar to lyrics that have already been used by older musics? Language helps you make sure such a case would not happen, but only if you would be more creative in playing with words.

When you are aiming to use clichés in your own music lyrics, try to give the phrases a surprising and unique twist. Do not worry if people would not readily understand. For sure, if you are twisting any cliché, audience could easily identify them. Jumping into the bandwagon to be among many users of clichés as music lyrics would take you into your doom. To demonstrate this point, take the case of lyricis Dianne Warren’s hit music ‘Unbreak my Heart’ (recorded by Toni Braxton). The phrase was obviously a twist to the commonly used cliché in music, ‘break my heart.’

You could also play with the themes and use strategic wordings in lyrics to strike points. Take an example the frequently touched theme of crying and assuring a loved one of your coming back. The music ‘I’m Leaving on a Jet plane’ by John Denver and ‘Gone till November’ by Wyclef Jean both say (in paraphrased words) ‘do not cry because I would come back.’ However, lyrics were playfully organized to prevent resemblance. The most usual themes are about love, so be sure to compose creative and uniquely worded lyrics when writing about it.

The difficulties faced by famous lyricists while writing music lyrics is presented by
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