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Sy Schlagler

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As mothers, we try to protect our kids from as much as we can. We try to keep them away from other children who are sick and we make sure they bundle up in the winter. Being a mom is one of the most wonderful jobs on earth, but it is also a very difficult job riddled with responsibility.

Children who are frightened or injured will cry out for mommy. Mommy will administer tender loving care, a kiss and a band aid; the child will instantly feel better. There are those times when a kiss and a band aid simply do not cover the situation.

We hear more and more about children with cancer these days. These children and their parents are discovering that life is about to change for them forever. Cancer treatments are very apt to include surgery along with chemotherapy or radiation. This is terribly hard on a child, and possibly just as hard on the parents who stand by helplessly. Mothers are used to taking control of their kids’ wellbeing through sickness and health, we fall apart when hugs and kisses won’t make it all better, our child is in pain and there is nothing we can do about it.

Fortunately there are doctors working around the clock to find new ways to cure cancer. A tremendous amount of money is being sent from all over the world so doctors and researchers can devote all their time and energy into finding new ways to make a difference in the treatment of cancer. Thankfully there have been huge medical advances in the last several years.

It seems once a year large corporations like Wal-Mart or MacDonald’s ask their customers to contribute whatever they can on top of their purchase to go toward cancer awareness and research. Many of these customers take the pledge and donate gladly to the cause. As we stand in the check out line, we also hear many customers tell the cashier “No thanks” or “Not today.” They are right in taking care of their family first before making that contribution to others, but everyone who can spare a little cash should do so. It makes a huge difference to cancer patients everywhere and aids in the research to prevent the disease entirely. There is still much to be done.

We do not spend our days thinking that our child’s latest illness may be diagnosed as cancer. There is no cancer in the family history, so the kids are safe. No parent ever expects their children to get really sick, let alone sick with cancer. The parents of a child who is diagnosed with cancer find their world full of continuous anxiety and alarm, and cannot stress enough the value of cancer research for their child and everyone else’s.

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are all in agreement that no child anywhere deserves to suffer, particularly something as painful and stress-inducing as cancer. It is fortunate for us that millions of dollars are donated annually to find ways to mitigate the disease if not end it entirely. There are some rare forms of cancer that sadly have no chance of a cure as yet. Even among the cancers where treatment plans are available, a patient is deemed to be cured if they have been in remission for five years. Five years does not seem like a big deal when a child is involved.

As parents, the thing that we want most for our children is for them to live long and happy lives. While we cannot kiss their boo boos to make it all better, we can donate to cancer research in the hopes that one day doctors will be able to discover a permanent cure for cancer because every kid deserves the chance to live their live to the fullest.

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