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Brandi Martinez

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Hello and welcome, this is for those individuals who are finding which they have cancer and have a determined desire to be cancer free and healthy. This will only appeal to a minority of cancer patients, those which want a deeper learning and are going to change. This article is regarding 'The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process', this is the essential task which one requires to undergo, in purchase to be healthy and healed from cancer.The majority individuals, who have been amazed to have a diagnosis of cancer provided for them, are obviously overwhelmed and distraught at this turn of occasions. What happens now, is the fact that to escape within the pain of concern and uncertainty which is consuming their life, they seek to take actions, which is, to behave. This "I must do something" is essential to ease the depression which might be all consuming if nothing was completed. The 'doing something' though has a terrible expense. Let me explain, doing something and taking actions, appears logically sufficient you are doing them to beat cancer, exist cancer, get rid of the cancer, fight the cancer etc. You may think which the cause of taking these actions is as above however often the actions are taken to ease the uncertainty which we were plunged into.When we were in a state of shock following your diagnosis, your unconscious attention was loaded with all the meanings, perceptions and beliefs which we held about 'Cancer' and I suspect the conclusion we had, is the fact that Cancer eliminates, Cancer is a Death conviction etc. Now it is actually widely accepted in the media and socially there is not any remedy for cancer, and we would not recognize, how to remedy cancer or heal cancer, thus you may have a death conviction with no escape. This of course is extremely sad and fearful, for we never desire to die. Because we never have the info which might lead we to escape the death conviction, you will be in a problem.Stay with me here, for I am describingwhat continues on at different degrees of the mind and though you might argue with a few of my words, I am describing the processes which occur, generally at the unconscious level, which you are unaware of. The dilemma is the fact that the mind will merely procedure and make results within the information which you have. What certainties is your brain presented with whenever we were diagnosed, 1. We have Cancer. 2. Cancer eliminates (etc). This is significant to be blunt with you, because at the level of brain processing, it is actually computer like, completely unemotional, merely data processing. So the particular conclusion your brain makes and accepts, is the fact that death can occur as a happen of the diagnosis. The just varying is time. Do we remember suggesting to yourself "I will die", did you may well ask the doctor "How long do I have?" The first conclusion or certainty which we documented in your brain is the fact that you'll die. To accept this emotionally is depressing as well as the depression which might follow, might cause an actually more early death than the cancer and far more dreadful.So avoiding the overwhelming pain of the depression, is the reason which we take the actions, treatments, remedies etc. You may feel you are struggling to exist cancer and though this is exactly what the conscious goal can be, the unconscious are conscious of the original certainties and conclusion and so the body can conform for this. Which means, which the actions need the affect of alleviating depression, pain and mental pain, and not returning to health, being cancer free etc.That is why there is a plethora of remedies (they probably all work a few of the time, placebos work), everyone (most) wants for a remedy, everyone is interested in certainty, everyone is basing these looks on the authentic beliefs which cancer eliminates and is a deadly disease. Cancer is no deadly disease, cancer is a symptom, cancer is the body's reaction for all the info which is relevant at the time.What is cancer? is discovered in 'The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process'. The human body is visible as an information transfer machine. By this I mean which information (data) is the regulating principle. We are just as you will be now, strictly because you will be the sum all information which pertains to we. We, your life appearance, your state of health and this factor called cancer, is the effect or should you like, the perfect harmonization of all which information. There is nothing incorrect, there is not any malfunction, there is just resonance with info. Stay with me, it will sound weird and metaphysical etc however hang in there.The totality of We includes the state of health you are in, this factor called cancer is in perfect tranquility with all the story of we (which is the totality of the information). The process is obviously perfect, which is, the effect constantly equals the (totality of) information.If we want a different happen, health by way of example, then you ought to transform the info. Information arranges itself into patterns. This is the patterns or schemas which create results, as information is neutral/static and patterns have force and movement, they are like instructions, they create effects. The state of affairs which we label cancer, is a happen of patterns, change the patterns and we get a different happen, change the patterns to ones which happen in health which is what you'll get as a happen.So what information patterns create health, this is of vitally value, for you should not cure cancer, we can merely create health or create ill health. If you have built health, then naturally you'll not have cancer. For those who have the cause of healing your cancer, then: - You can manifest resistance, for you will be struggling to be in disharmony with all the existing information patterns. You believe the cancer is the reason and no symptom. Therefore the reason stays unchanged but still present. You are divorced and ignorant of your cancer. The cancer tissues are your tissues responding well to the info pattern. As they are your tissues they partly make upwards the totality which is we. You are attacking a element of yourself whenever we attack the cancer. You will merely create, you will be not creating anything whenever we try to cure cancer, you will be simply fighting shadows. You will say 'which when I cure cancer, then I are healthy' this appears logical however the body's self healing experience the particular program which will heal we. This is a totally unconscious task and at this deep level, healing cancer simply could not compute, for just how can it cure something which is absolutely running perfectly, there is nothing to cure. It will simply keep the status quo; there is nothing modern to create.Back to - what information patterns create health;- Most importantly, there has to be a reason for changing patterns, you might say which "I don't desire to die", occasionally this create sufficient impetus to switch however generally it will not create a reason to switch patterns and be healthy, as it is just stating the situation, we also didn't desire to die before we knew we had cancer. It doesn't necessarily lead anywhere. Are you currently thrilled to have a low quality of life, ill health and pain etc, as prolonged as we don't die? So what reason have we to be healthy? Are you currently surprised by your reaction or shortage of reaction, for this doubt? So create a reason, a massive 1, 1 which compels and motivates we, 1 which forces we to break away of which retreat which is surrounding we. Learn a reason as well as a cause for life and life So! Also then choose to do it! 100%. Healthy attention, thoughts, beliefs, thoughts and attitude. This is a biggie, you may have to get rid of your psychological luggage, your self destructive thoughts, psychological stress etc. This is an absolute necessary component and where most of information has to be changed. 'The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process' on my webpage explores thorough this region. Healthy fresh organic food, the more man has interfered with it, the more carcinogenic information in the form of toxins there is. Unpolluted environment. Minimal stress in daily life. If you may have these health creating patterns, then your cause of this state which we find yourself in, including cancer, are eliminated and there are no reason to have cancer. The cancer cells can resume general tissues and you will be in harmony with all the modern information pattern.Philip Martin

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