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"Action business coaching is calling me!" a professional, experiencing the trappings of success feels burned-out. "I need adventure therapy." Joe was at a plateau in his life. He was considered young when he was first promoted to Director of Sales, but that was four years ago. Joe sits, daydreaming about scuba diving in Aruba and scaling a snowy ice capped mountain. The marketing director's voice becomes monotone and distant before asking for Joe's input. He asks, "Joe is it your experience that our customers would value a service like this?" The extended pause speaks volumes. He gives a vague reply and receives a few strange looks before the meeting moves to the next agenda item. Breathing a sigh of relief when the meeting ends, he retires to his office. Placing a stack of files on his desk and sitting back in his chair, he feels overwhelmed. Joe realizes he needs to take action. He Google's mountaineering, skydiving, adventure therapy.

Joe is overweight; his doctor warns him about his risk for heart attack and stroke. Joe admits that he drinks too much and doesn't work out anymore. He hates this and resolves to change it but somehow it only gets worse. He believes he is so far down the road that he feels helpless to find his way back.

In life coaching and business leadership coaching, this is a common scenario. Bright, talented, hard-working professionals burn out when their life is out of balance. They long for adventure, something outside the realm of usual experiences. Experiences that take them outside themselves and teach them to be present in a different way are almost impossible to find.

The typical client is a professional who plans a few ski trips per year. Just long enough to imagine living a life that is free, a life where every moment in their life counts. They dream about taking risks and embarking on adventure. Just ask any ski instructor or rock-climbing guide. They'll tell you, in the midst of their client's fun, there's a moment of envy and despair. They ask, "you do this every day?"

The personal conflict stems from a natural desire to seek balance. Frustrated by the trappings of success they tell themselves, "you can't have everything," and return to a life that stifles their natural talents. To cope with this inner conflict they compromise with themselves, dismissing adventure fantasies as unrealistic or childish. They over eat, drink more than they feel OK about and fester with inactivity.

Considering a lifestyle change or a career change is threatening. There‘s great risk in starting a new business or adjusting to a new life style. Joe dreams of working for himself and starting his own company but he has responsibilities to others. He feels trapped by his personal relationships and consequently feels guilty because he loves his family. Some days, Joe feels resentful towards his obligations. He believes that he is selfish for feeling resentment towards those he loves. His wife and children experience him as preoccupied when he is home and try to tolerate his emotional distance. If you've struggled to embark on this journey, without success you might be burned-out. This time, contact someone who can help you find your way back.

"I want my life to be different," he explained. "I want my body back, I want to enjoy my life again." Joe was ready to change. He contacted an action coach to help him get started. He began pushing himself in ways that he hadn't before and was rejuvenated. Adventure therapy, and action coaching became a transformative process. Joe was happier, and so was everyone else in his life.

Action coaching and adventure therapy helped Joe to take action immediately and sustain the changes over time. Joe learned about himself and developed a new perspective. He devised a business plan for his own organization. Ironically, the process inspired a creative problem solving approach that was well received by his current job. His vision garnered support from his colleagues and he was encouraged to take on a new leadership role.

His kids felt Joe was more available at home. His wife described Joe as more present. His physical health improved, his alcohol intake decreased and he began to feel enthusiastic. Burn-out is hard to shake, often a change in life style is in order. Action coaching and adventure therapy help restore enthusiasm and balance to individuals who have reached a plateau.

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