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Jack Hobbs

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Look at the organizational charts of various firms and you will notice that they all have something in common - a pyramid-shaped organizational profile, wide at the bottom and narrow towards the top. This reflects the fact that most positions in an organization are concentrated in the lower cadres and that fewer positions become available as you move towards the top.

There is really nothing wrong with this structure; it aptly describes how any organization can work best. There is one sad reality however that comes to mind with regards to this structure - it becomes increasingly harder to move towards the top of an organization because positions are fewer and more people are jostling for them. Consequently, many employees reach a point in their careers when they feel stuck. They can see the next level quite clearly but no matter what they do there always seems to be some form of barrier blocking their ascension.

The term 'glass ceiling' was coined in reference to the obstacles which women and minorities faced in career advancement but the truth is that virtually everyone seems to reach a point in his/her career where advancement seems to stop. Nonetheless, there is no need to panic if you find yourself stagnating because there are strategies that can help you to regain some momentum. You need to find and work with a career coach such as Tim Nelson MAP Houston in rejuvenating your career.

Whether you end up working with Tim Nelson MAP Houston or not, there are some things you should do. First of all, identify the key competencies evident at the top of your organization. In every organization there is a set of attributes that are highly valued depending on its culture. In a technology firm, for instance, attributes of fast thinking, innovativeness and risk-taking are likely to be valued and rewarded. If you start portraying these qualities therefore you are better placed to get ahead of the pack.

The next thing is to set goals that are closely aligned with these key competencies. If you are not good at goal-setting you can involve Tim Nelson MAP Houston to help you focus on improving these highly-valued skills. You need to involve your boss in your efforts because he or she will provide you with valuable feedback. Working with your boss also helps you to get noticed and which is critical if you want to move up the pyramid; there is really no need to be competent at the workplace if no one important is noticing. As you work on improving your key competencies don't forget to network widely within the organization. Build friendships at all levels in your firm and even outside the organization. These are the people who will assist you by giving you leads or speaking positively for you.

Get a mentor. A mentor who is highly placed in your organization is invaluable considering the widespread experience and connections that he or she has and which you can definitely benefit from. Your mentor will keep you informed about the latest developments and show you how to avoid obstacles on your path to the top; an endorsement from a powerful mentor can move mountains for you. Finally, regularly consult a career coach such as Tim Nelson MAP Houston for guidance and advice.

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