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Lee Werrell

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Rhonda Byrnes best-selling book, “The Law of Attraction,” revealed a lot of things precisely how our thoughts establish what our way of life could very well be.

The reasoning within the Law of Attraction claims that that which we project straight into the universe directly comes back to us to affect our way of life either positively or negatively. It’s that old adage of, “What goes around comes around.”

Developing a better life for yourself demonstrates that you should rid the mind of negative thoughts and thought process about things that are occurring or which could be imminent happenings in your own life. You develop into what you think about most of the time. Acknowledging that, you can see that your ideas probably have a primary force in your own life.

So, reprogram your thought processes and you’ll change your life. That’s significantly less simple as you think. In the same way winning a gold medal in the Olympics requires time and devotion, the same is true for thinking positive thoughts so that it becomes a habit in your daily life.

Here are several “Law of Attraction” approaches to turn your mind around and acquire what you wish from life:

1. Think on what you've always dreamed of. Would you like a new career? A good relationship? Slim down? Then, you should think as if it’s already there rather than the wishing and the loss you're feeling of without having those things. How would you act if you were CEO of your very own company? What sort of clothing might you wear if perhaps you were thin?

Picture yourself in those scenarios and think deeply about how exactly it might feel and how others would look at you. Feel those feelings. Keep practicing and the feelings will ultimately turn into reality if you happen to put action behind the ideas.

2. Think of emotions such as gratitude, passion and love. They are positive thoughts that could invite positive things and reactions to you. The secret here is that if something happens that’s negative in your life - while you’re thinking positive - you need to be the one to take control and simply not let the negative happenings dictate your life.

3. Create positive thought patterns. Positive thinking exercises will enable you to get more of what you want. Should you contemplate it consciously, your unconscious mind starts to create situations thats liable to bring people and circumstances that you need into your life.

There are many strategies to exercise your brain toward positive thinking. Online assistance is available, as are some very well-written books regarding the topic. Begin now to makes use of the Law of Attraction to transform your life in to the best it can be.

To fully understand the foundations of what you need to be able to provide robust and consistent leadership and management, to be a better leader, person, parent and teacher, go to the link below for a very special offer on a video course.

Watch the video at

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Lee Werrell is a compliance professional with over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, including roles at board and senior executive level for a bank, distribution channels including a major IFA. Lee has also advised numerous businesses and individuals on Financial Services Authority regulatory issues and personal developments including how to modify and adapt their strategy and procedures accordingly. Lee gives presentations on his philosophy o leadership and success as well as his take on how best to live life to the full. Website Improve Your Condition
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