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James K Smith

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Mr. Mahendra Trivedi is a well-known name in the medical research field. He performed various researches to cure various dangerous diseases. Prostate cancer is one of the easier ones to treat, and about 90% (some say 98%) of patients will live for over ten years after treatment. As many men who have the disease are getting on anyway (60-70 years old), this puts them in the bracket where they would probably die of something after ten years anyway. Some individuals refer to this reason for this 10-year period of good health as a cure, but all doctors warn their patients to keep having regular check-ups. Doctors may kill cancerous cells or cut them out, but they do not know why they form in the first place, so they cannot stop them returning. In this regard, there is no cure merely surgery. You are not able to take a tablet to make it go away as you can with a headache. However, there have been fantastic advancements in prostate cancer cures, and it may not be long by applying various ideas and methods of Trivedi Science.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst men (after skin cancer). However, Prostate cancer could be cured, and it can often be treated successfully. The prostate is a gland found only in males; it is located below the urinary bladder. The size of prostate varies with age and its job is to make fluid that protects sperm cells in semen. There are many types of cells that are been found in the prostate. However, all prostate cancers develop from the gland cells. This Gland cell makes the prostate fluid, which gets added to the semen. Most prostate cancer grows slowly. Prostate cancer can be a serious disease, but it is proved and seen that most men do not die from it.

Early prostate cancer usually comes with no such symptoms. Advanced Prostate cancer may have symptoms like problems passing urine, need to urinate more often, blood in the urine, pain in hips, back, chest or other areas specifically bones, weakness in legs or feet. These are some symptoms, which may help finding prostate cancer. Medical research says that there is also a link between putting on too much weight and advanced prostate cancer. It is said that 10% of advanced prostate cancers could be prevented if men kept to a healthy weight. Cancer research also states that men who are overweighted have a higher chance of developing potentially disastrous prostate, which can cause death. However, this is also true that many prostate cancers grow so slowly that they cause no harm in a man’s lifetime but others are highly aggressive and can kill.

Doctors agree that the PSA test is not a perfect test to find prostate cancer early. Researchers are working to improve and address this problem. However, if it grows and found in the human body the treatment includes surgery, cryotherapy, hormonal therapy, and chemotherapy. New treatments are developed by the Mahendra Trivedi through his medical research, and there have been many improvements among many standard prostate cancer treatment methods. If talking about the survival rate in prostate cancer, then the percentage is high. Survival rates are most likely based on previous outcomes of a large number of people who had this disease. Nevertheless, there are many other factors which may affect such as patient's health and age, the treatment received, and how well the cancer response to treatment. On an approximate level 95%, people survived prostate cancer. Research evidence shows that the clinical trial helps to improve the outlook. However, a statement will always rule that prevention is better than cure. So keep taking a healthy diet with health checkups.

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