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1Z0-242: PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration is an important certification exam of hundred and twenty minutes, the applicants need to solve eighty five questions in which the candidates learn about many interesting factors, the individuals need to understand the learning of application developer, the passing grade of this exam is sixty five percent.

1Z0-242 Exams: PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration is an important certification exam of hundred and twenty minutes, the applicants need to solve eighty five questions in which the candidates learn about many interesting factors, the individuals need to understand the learning of application developer, the passing grade of this exam is sixty five percent.

1Z0-242 PDF Guides: PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration covers the following topics which are very important.

The first topic is called Using PeopleCode Development Tools which covers to Debug PeopleCode programs using Debug, trace, and Message Box. Using PeopleCode Variables consists of the task to configure variable prompt tables, Instantiate, populate, and access arrays. Referencing Data in the Component Buffer consists of the data buffer to reference multiple occurs levels. Creating Custom Objects with Application Classes covers the Application Class Editor to create and modify application classes and existing PeopleCode programs to application classes.

Using Data Buffer Methods consists of standalone rowsets. Executing SQL in PeopleCode covers 1Z0-242 Study Material: PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration to Read and modify data tables using the SQL class and Record objects and incorporate meta-SQL in PeopleCode and SQL. Application Engine and Introducing Application Engine Designer covers Application Engine Designer, Read an Application Engine program, Build and Use Application Engine libraries.

Using Temporary Tables consists of the task to implement parallel processing and Explain run time allocation. Executing Application Engine Programs includes the task to configure a push button to execute an App Engine program and execute an Application Engine program with a command script.

1Z0-242 Sample Questions Answers Creating Process Definitions for Application Engine covers Process Scheduler to run Application Engine processes. Using PSDAEMON consists of the task to Create and implement PSDAEMON programs. Measuring Application Engine Performance consists of Trace Application Engine programs. Tuning Application Engine Programs includes Performance tune Application Engine programs.

Integration Tools covers Introducing PeopleSoft Integration Broker Architecture, the components of the PeopleSoft Integration Gateway, Configuring PeopleSoft Integration Broker, Configure PeopleSoft Integration Broker and Create and configure nodes, Creating Messages, Define service configuration, Create rowset and non-rowset based messages and Use message parts.

1Z0-242 Preparation Material: PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration includes the following topics:

Creating Service Operations covers Add and secure service operations, Create and configure queues and Add routings. Sending and Receiving Service Operations consists of Publish Service Operations using rowsets, Create Handlers for asynchronous service operations, Create handlers for synchronous service operations and Add handlers.

Monitoring Service Operations consists of the task of Monitor asynchronous services, Monitor synchronous services, Administer service operations, Monitor service operation performance and archive monitor data. Using Service Utilities includes the knowledge of Administer services and Use the Handler Tester.

1Z0-242 Actual Exams: PeopleSoft Application Developer II: Application Engine & Integration certification exam can be prepared by the help of PeopleSoft Application Developer II Exam Study Guide (PDF), PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.50 II Implementation Specialist, PeopleSoft Application Engine Rel 8.50, PeopleSoft Integration Tools Rel 8.50; Specialization Catalog (PDF) for all launched and planned Specializations and Product Mapping to Specialization (XLS).

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