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Kiran Shah

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Summer season with its sweltering climate has people clambering to find refuge in destinations that are cool and pleasant. Due to the diversity of climatic condition in India, people can easily escape to the hill stations in summer. You find popular hilly destinations packed with tourists, happy to get relief from the scorching heat of the cities.

The State of Uttarakhand is one such destination helps to make to make your trip unforgettable. Uttarakhand, is the spot where you can enjoy fresh air, tranquillity and peace. Forests, hills, valleys, lakes and the snow covered slopes of the Himalayas offer trekking, boating and skiing options to the visitors.

Given below are some of the boutique getaways of Uttarakhand that you will cherish:






Char Dham


Nainital brims with natural beauty making it one of the popular destinations of Uttarakhand. The emerald hued Naini Lake is the spot that attract tourist helping them to appreciate the pristine views and serenity that is found in abundant here. Boating on the Naini Lake, is one of the most relaxing activities enjoyed by the tourists.

Many hotels, in Nainital, are set around Lake Naini. Few of the resorts in Nainital, near Lake Naini, offer fresh air and lake view from their balcony. The resorts are beautifully maintained and the rooms are spacious with bathrooms having all the essential amenities. The staff is efficient and courteous.

The resorts in Nainital near the Lake, are close to the famous Mall road, where one can spend their time purchasing wooden artefacts, woollen wears, clothes, etc. The meals and the breakfast consist of a list of a lavish spread for the guests. If you need anything specific for you, besides the given menu, you just need to tell the staff and it will be served.

The 24X7 desk service helps the guests in arranging for expenditures to places of interest and also arrange for various sports activities. You can request for a barbeque or for a tent to enjoy a night in the open.

Apart from resorts and hotels, the concept of ‘going green’ is finding its way into India. The increasing awareness in environmental conservation, has an impact on tourism of a given destination. Eco friendly hotels in India are environmentally-friendly properties managed by programmes to save energy, save water or reduce and recycle solid waste. All this together helps to save money and also to PROTECT OUR EARTH!

Some of the eco-friendly hotels in India are named below:

Elephant Valley, Kodaikanal

The place exhibits a stunning location! This paradisiacal resort, measuring 100 acres, is made of granite and recycled wooden furniture and having solar light, low consumption bulbs, firewood fuelled water, organic garden and a pesticide free coffee plantation.

Dune Eco Village & Spa, Pondicherry

Spread on a vast area of 35 acres, this beach resort is an oasis visited for its calm and serenity. Apart from low consumption bulbs and organic linen, this resort has its own composting yard that helps to supply fresh raw produce for their in-house restaurant.

Kalmatia Sangam, Almora

This resort sits on a 14 acre estate, on a hilltop, in Kumaon - Uttatakhand. This place is abundant in the richness of various fauna, flora and migrating birds. This resort indulges in rain harvesting, organic waste compost and recycling of non-biodegradable and biodegradable garbage.

Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

Set in the beautiful location in Uttarakhand, this place of stay is an eco-friendly resort and a homestay. The premises has a catchment for rain harvesting. Solar back up plant, solar water heaters, solar garden lights help to minimise the consumption of electricity and also to deal with power scarcity.

Be green and deal with smart and innovative vendors and use their green products and services. Rent rooms in an eco-friendly hotels and restaurant and contribute toward minimising the onslaught of hazards on Nature.

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Leena Dutta is passionate blogger and loves to write about travel and tourism. She has an experience of writing articles & blog related to resorts in Nainital, near Lake. To know more about Eco-friendly hotels in India, click on active links.
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