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Are you running a local or national business website? Are you planning, to promote your business on the Internet? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, then this write-up is just for you.

When dealing with SEO, most of the businesses feel trapped at the very first step with confusion among local SEO, regional SEO and national search engine optimization. How different should be your marketing approach when dealing with local, regional and national businesses’ websites separately. How these three different categories affect the results to be displayed in Search Engine Results Pages of Google and Bing, etc. To clearly understand these differences, it is important to know the basics as given below. Here I am going to take the example of insurance business website for SEO:

National Insurance SEO

As the name implies, national insurance encompasses insurance businesses or insurance websites offering services at national level or nationwide. No local or regional modifiers are used in the keywords used for national insurance search engine optimization tactics. Long-tail and broad keywords used for promoting an insurance website offering nationwide services. Some of the samples of these keywords are as follows: Business insurance, family insurance, property and casualty insurance, liability insurance. These keywords are perfect examples of general and non-qualified national keywords. Try typing this keyword in your search box of a search engine. You will get a list of national lists of providers of these types of insurance services. According to Google, these kinds of keywords are searched a lot on the Internet every month.

Regional Insurance SEO

When it comes to regional SEO, insurance agents can consider the keywords used for it as the modified long-tail national keywords. Let’s take for instance: if we consider a national keyword, life insurance and then simply add a state, like life insurance New York to it; then it turns to a regional insurance keyword from a national insurance keyword. So, we can simply and undoubtedly say that regional keywords are modified phrases of national keywords. Let’s take a few more examples: business insurance Dallas, car insurance Los Vegas, etc. These types of keywords are even more searched on the Internet.

Local Insurance SEO

When it comes to local insurance SEO, everything is different. You need different keywords, different strategies and different customer base for search engine marketing. Also, the results produced by local insurance SEO practices are far more different than that of national and regional search engine optimization tactics. Suppose you type Boston life insurance in your search engine’s search box. Then you will get a list of top around 10 or more listings of local insurance service providers in your area, which is Boston. Apart from these results, search engine may list insurance providers that may or may not be serving in the selected area.

Now you know the difference between national, local and regional keywords for search engine optimization. And, the question is which search is right for your business and what type of Insurance SEO services you need. The answer to this question depends on your business profile. Ask yourself following questions: Are you a small insurance providing firm located in a confined area and offering services in the same area? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to focus only on local SEO. Are you a regional firm? Are you offering services in a multistate area? Internet marketing strategies for regional services are broader and specially designed by the marketing experts. If you are running a regional insurance business, you can still target the local market with modified keywords. This is useful if you have multiple offices in that particular state. Next is the national insurance websites. For these businesses, you need to work on long-tail keywords focused on nationwide customers. This will help your insurance SEO services drive the right traffic towards your website.

When talking about search engine optimization for your insurance business or website, make note that SEO is just a single aspect of your overall marketing efforts on the web marketplace. Driving massive relevant traffic to your website demands much more. It requires an integrated approach, combined with website development, effective content marketing, blogging, link building, guest blogging, social media marketing, video sharing and more. You must hire an expert provider of insurance SEO services who can develop a comprehensive internet marketing approach for your website, and assure your success up to some extent.

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John Clark is an SEO specialist working for Softtrix Web Solutions For more information on local or national SEO visit us.
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