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Ronald S. Brown

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(All dates are approximate.)

BC 2081,

In Genesis 15, Abraham asked God for a sign, and the sign that God gave him was the prediction that his descendants would sojourn in a country 'not their own' for 400 years, where they would become enslaved.

BC 1898

The fulfillment of the 400-year sojourn in Egypt began when Joseph was sold as a slave and taken to Egypt. On the basis of his interpretation of Pharaoh's dream about seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine, Joseph was made Pharaoh's business manager. This was a pretty good job. All 70 of his family moved to Egypt.

BC 1898-1432

Dan had cousins in the north of Canaan--the Phoenicians. (One translation for 'Phoenicians' is pa-hanic--which means 'the house of Enoch'.) So Dan visited his cousins frequently during the 400 years and became the Phoenicians. And they had been travelling around in ships before the family ever went to Egypt.

BC 1859

Jacob died. The changes instituted by Joseph resulted in Pharaoh owning most of the land, money, cattle, and even the people of Egypt. Joseph's job as the #2 man in Egypt improved.

BC 1806

Joseph died. His office passed to the tribe of Judah after his death, because Jacob had given Judah the leadership role when he parceled out the birthrights. The Israelites ruled for 250 (or maybe 300) years.

BC 1806-1600

Dan founded Argos, Troy, Athens, and Melitta in one excursion during this time. Since their family was ruling, they could come and go as they pleased. The royal line of Judah was through the twin sons of Tamar. (The first born was Zarah, and Pharez was born second.) Most of the Zaraites were already out of Egypt by the time of the enslavement. They left with Dan and founded Zaragoza in Spain

BC 1600

Regime change in Egypt changes status of Israelites.

BC 1446 Exodus from Egypt begins.

BC 1406

Coest of Israel begins.

BC 1375

Death of Joshua.

BC 1375-1043

Israel ruled by judges.


Tuatha de Danaan (tribe of Dan) takes over Ireland for 200 years.

BC 1043

Saul becomes king of Israel.

BC 1011

Death of Samuel.

BC 1010

Saul was succeeded by David.

BC 967

David was succeeded by Solomon.

BC 931

The Northern Kingdom secedes. The nation was divided into the ten-tribe northern kingdom, called the House of Israel, Ephraim, or Samaria, and the southern kingdom, called the House of Judah, who would soon be called Jews. This kingdom was made up of the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Benjamin, and some Levites.

BC 931

Rehoboam mustered an army of 180,000 men in the Southern kingdom.

BC 914

Abijah mustered an army of 400,000 (an increase of 220,000 men) in the southern kingdom.

BC 911

An army is mustered by King Asa of 580,000 men in the southern kingdom. Within twenty years there has been an increase in the army of Judah of 400,000 men. The only reasonable explanation of this increase in the population of the southern kingdom is that Jeroboam's strategy failed, and that many of his subjects left the northern kingdom and moved to the southern kingdom.

BC 734-732

The first invasion of the Northern Kingdom by Tiglath- Pileser. The Assyrians called the captured Israelites Khumri (after king Omri). This was later corrupted to Gimira.

BC 729-686

The Simeonites continued to dwell in the Southern Kingdom and were there in the days of Hezekiah, king of Judah.

BC 722

The second invasion of the Northern Kingdom by Shalmaneser and Sargon.

BC 722

Samaria fell.

BC 710-590

Israelites, called Gimira by the Assyrians and Kimmeroii (Cimmerians) by the Greeks, moved into Asia Minor. They finally migrated to what is modern Ukraine.

BC 701

Sennacherib attacks Judah. Jerusalem was spared, but Assyrians captured forty-six cities and took 200,150 captives. BC 650-600 Israelites in Media became known as Scythians. They fought as mercenaries for various powers.

BC 676

Scythians and Mannaens attack Assyria.

BC 625

Babylonians, Elamites, Medes and Scythians continue to attack Nineveh.

BC 612

Nineveh falls.

BC 623- 300

The Scythians prosper north of the Black Sea. They dominate the western Asian steppes. Celts settle Iberian peninsula.

BC 520

Darius I of Persia engages the Scythians in battle and does well.

BC. 513 - 512

Darius I of Persia tries again, but the Scythians won't fight, so he gives up and goes home.

BC 600-500

Following the collapse of the Assyrians, the Scythians were driven north through the Dariel Pass (the Pass of Israel) in the Caucasus mountains by the Medes, and they settled in south Russia. A large group of these also moved East, beyond the Euphrates. These were called Sakka (Saka) and Iskuza by the Medes and Persians.

BC 530-301

Scythians re-conquered Canaan (ignoring Judah completely), but only held it for 29 years. Apparently they found out that their punishment was not complete, so they left. About this time, the Persians start applying pressure on Scythia.

BC 650-500

Cimmerians in Europe moved up the Danube and became known as Celts; the English translation of the Greek Keltoi.

BC 652

Cimmerians conquer Sardis, the capital of Lydia.

BC 500-100

The Celtic expansion from central Europe.

BC 586

Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. Captives from Judah were taken to Babylon at that time.

BC 554-500

Cimmerians driven out of south Russia by the Scythians moved north-west up to the Baltic, where they later became known as Cimbri.

BC 475

Celts defeat the Etruscans at the Ticino River.

BC 457

The return to Jerusalem of 50,000 Jews under Zerubbabel's leadership.

BC 400

Celts enter Italy and settle in the Po Valley.

BC 390 Gauls sack Rome.

BC 396

Celts defeat an Etruscan army at the battle of Melpum.

BC 387

Duke Brennus of the Celts defeats the Romans at Allia, and then sacks Rome. Celts move along after ransom is paid.

BC 334

Rome signs a peace treaty with the Senones tribe.

BC 300

Sarmatians conquer the Scythians.

BC 283

Rome defeats the Senones at Picenum.

BC 279

Celts invade Thrace and Anatolia.

BC 275

Seleucids defeat the Galatian Celts.

BC 250-100

South Russia was invaded by the Sarmatians, who drove the Scythians into Germany. The Sarmatians were Assyrians. The Sarmatians would later settle in Prussia. Although the Sarmatians came out of Scythia, they were recognized as different from the Goths and Saxons by the Romans, who started calling the latter 'german' (meaning 'genuine'),

BC 217-218

30,000 Celtic infantry and 4,000 Celtic cavalry join Hannibal's army. They were (after all) related through Dan. Besides, their day job was fighting as mercenaries.

BC 150-100

Gallic tribes move from Scythia, on the Polish-Ukraine border toward Spain and France, which were already occupies by Celts. Some continued west to England, where they were called the Gaels.

BC 137

4,000 Celtiberians defeat 20,000 Romans at Numantia.

BC 64

Galatia becomes a client state of Rome.

AD 70

Jerusalem and Second Temple destroyed. Jews dispersed.

AD 98

Goths mentioned by Tacitus in `Germania'.

AD 235

Rome started paying the Goths tribute so they wouldn't bother them.

AD 410 Alaric leads the Ostrogoths and captures Rome

AD 450-600

Some Goths and Saxons move north to Jutland, become known as Danes and Vikings. Some of these came to England, but others go to France and were called Normans. A

D 450-1100

Some of the Scythians (Saxons) came to England, later becoming Anglo-Saxons.

AD 1066

The Norman conquest of England.

AD 1320

The Scottish Declaration of independence was written. It claims descent from the Scythians.

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