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Dale Purdon

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Developing 6 pack abs can be one of the most frustrating tasks known to mankind. However, this is only the case if one does not have the right information at hand. There are so many old wives tales out there regarding the development of 6 pack abs that it's no wonder people eventually give up hope and accept their bulging belly to become part of them for life.

No matter who you are or how slow you think your metabolism is, you are capable are developing toned and attractive 6 pack abs. Every single one of us has an underlying 6 pack of abs to be uncovered. The key is simply to reveal your abdominal muscles by following a handful of basic principles which help shed those extra layers of unwanted fat. It's also important that you know why you're using the methods you're using, this will help keep you motivated and give you better insight into what you're trying to achieve. In addition, one needs to be willing to put in the effort and have the determination to follow through with it. Your 6 pack of abs will not come from sitting on the couch in front of the television all day, and that's a promise. Below I will touch on 3 main area's that are absolutely essential for achieving those 6 pack abs in a reasonable amount of time, and without too much unnecessary back ache and pain:

- Diet

Your choice of foods is absolutely crucial. Keep in mind that 80% of the work involved is in losing that belly fat. It's therefore extremely important that you're eating correctly. You can perform as many ab exercises as you like, but until you start shedding those layers of fat you're not going to see results at all. See the end of this article for a resource link on the foods you should be focusing on.

- Eating Patterns

In addition to what to eat, another important factor is when to eat. I highly advise against skipping meals and eating one or two meals in an entire day. Doing this puts your body into starvation mode. This means that the next time you eat, your body will store a lot of that food as fat as it doesn't know when it's going to be fed again! Instead, you want to be eating 6 small meals through out the day. This maintains your blood sugar levels, increases your metabolism, and keeps your body burning fat all day long.

- Cardio

It's highly recommended that you throw in some form of cardio work out. This could be running, cycling, swimming, skipping, or even fast-paced walking. This will help in speeding up the fat burning process and will result in faster results.

- Ab Building Exercises

This is probably the least important factor when it comes to achieving 6 pack abs, believe it or not. As mentioned before, everyone already has a 6 pack of abs underneath that layer of fat. However, performing ab exercises will help in shaping and increasing the definition of your abs. It will also aid in burning calories which will result in fat loss too.

It's crucial that you apply the correct combination of the above points. There are so many exercises and diets out there that simply result in fat gain and back ache, so please be cautious about what you read.

I highly recommend signing up for this popular FREE 6 Pack Abs Mini Course which explains exactly what foods, exercises and techniques to focus on when trying to achieve those 6 pack abs.
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