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Janet Sommers

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What is the Fat Loss for Idiots Program?

Fat Loss for Idiots is a web-based fat and weight loss program that is gaining increasing popularity. It asserts that it can help you loose up to nine pounds in only 11 days. This fat and weight loss program functions on ten simple rules in losing weight. These are:

1. Managing calorie intake

2. Eating four times a day with roughly 2 ½ hours in between every meal

3. Making your meals yourself at home

4. Rotating between protein and carbohydrate heavy meals

5. Trying to consume meals that are as plain as possible (by keeping condiments at a minimum)

6. Drinking six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water everyday

7. Knowing when you should stop eating

8. Drinking only specific items

9. Avoiding snacks and anything that is sweet, and

10. Going out for a walk (as a means of exercise).

The Fat Loss for Idiots promotes fat and weight loss by abiding by the "shifting calories theory". This theory emphasizes that the body's metabolism does not distinguish how much of whatever kind of food you will consume in succeeding days. Your body's metabolism only burns calories based on your most recent food intake. Thus, by varying your intake of calories, your metabolism gets a boost and burns off calories, and then fat tissues, faster.

Does It Work?

The Fat Loss for Idiots program is a fat and weight loss method that actually works. The instructions of the program are very easy to understand and follow. It also involves a diet plan that is highly balanced. One of the best features of this program is the fact that you are essentially allowed to choose your favorite foods, which in turn will be incorporated in your personalized 11-day diet plan. Moreover, although you are required to make your own meals at home, almost all of the meals in the program are in fact very basic dishes. However, if you are the type of person who enjoys fancy dishes, you are also allowed to improve on the dishes in the plan to suit your taste but, again, the use of condiments should be kept at a minimum. Additionally, each of the meals in this program do not require special and hard-to-locate ingredients. Thus, you can go ahead and purchase the usual items from the grocery store.

Another important come-on of this program is that there are no constraints on meal portions. The rule of thumb for this program is "eat until satisfied, but not full". Wine connoisseurs will also find it significant that the program allows you a glass of wine each day. Also, unlike in other diet plans, there is no tedious and frustrating calorie counting. Because of this, you do not feel starved at all, which is important in any fat and weight loss program.

With all these significant and very convincing reasons, the Fat Loss for Idiots program is definitely a fat and weight loss program that delivers desirable results. This program is certainly worth a try.

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