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BW Griggs

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Several years ago I was working as a project manager on a software integration project and I had the wonderful opportunity to welcome a new person to my team. He had an interesting background and was full of great stories he willingly shared in the slow moments that our big project was filled with. But, one story has stuck with me over the years - the story about the new guy only working half days.

My coworker had retired from the Marines and he shared with me that whenever a new Marine would join his unit fresh out of boot camp, his sergeant would call the troops together and introduce the new member of the unit to everyone. Near the end of the introductory speech, the sergeant would note that since "Joe" was the new guy he would only have to work half-days until he got up to speed. The sergeant would then continue by explaining that "Joe" should report to work at 6am and would be free to leave at 6pm each day.

Once I quit laughing I recognized the not so subtle truth in his story. We have to work even harder when applying new knowledge. It is not enough to buy a book, take a class, read an ebook or signup for the latest tele-seminar unless you invest one hundred times more effort implementing your new knowledge. This applies to internet commerce just as equally as it applies to starting a real-estate investment business. Everyone wants to produce new income streams and many people even have the motivation to reach out and acquire the physical tools they need, but spending money is just the first step. You have to invest effort too.

I was reading the January 27, 2006 issue of The Week, a weekly international news magazine, and I found an interesting poll. According to a survey done by Opinion Research Corp. one in five people feel that "the most practical" way to accumulate $200,000 is to win the lottery. The lottery! I'm here to tell you that if that's the easiest way to $200,000 then don't bother! The odds are against any of us winning anything of significance from the lottery. What this poll reflects is the inherent laziness of the average person. Anyone can run down to the corner store and buy a lottery ticket. Total investment - $1.00 and 15 minutes. Statistically averaged return - zero.

To achieve success, you need hunger and motivation. Are you willing to work eight hours for someone else, come home, and work another eight hours for yourself? Are you willing to do this every day of every week for months with no return other than the satisfaction of knowing that you are actually putting forth the effort to create a new success? If you answered yes then you have the stuff that success is made from. If you answered no and you think I am a lunatic for even suggesting such a thing, go back to dreaming about success! You are not ready.

Even more important than being ready for success is being prepared for failure. If you fail the first, second, or third time you attempt a new venture it doesn't matter because you are programming yourself for success. Every failure brings with it something that can't be bought - experience. And that's all success really is - the sum of your efforts, knowledge, and experience applied to a problem or challenge.

Wear your failures as badges testifying to your experience and discipline. Keep your successes close to heart to use as energy for future endeavors. Now go and earn a few badges because without one or two, your success can only be luck.

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BW Griggs is the author of Affiliate Success: eBay, a new software program that has nothing to do with teaching people how to become eBay super-sellers. It enables people to create a new, powerful income stream by displaying eBay auctions on their website in the same spirit as Google's Adsense program with better results.
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