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Maria Meiners

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I hate to break it to you but the Law of Attraction is NOT about positive thinking. This is a myth that pervades Law of Attraction thinking and confuses a lot of people. I want to clear it up right now.

The Universe is not some benevolent being who bestows blessings on people who think positively and punishment on people who are negative. In fact, it doesn't really care if you're happy, sad or in between. What the Universe does is pick up your vibrations, and then it returns like vibrations back to you. It's kind of like a mirror reflecting back whatever you give it. This is why positive thoughts are said to reap positive experiences and negative thoughts are said to reap negative experiences. You are simply getting back what you put out.

Another thing about the Universe is that it doesn't understand "I don't want." Anything you send out - anything at all - is sent right back to you whether you are saying you do want it or you don't want it. This can be a little tricky to understand so here's an example:

Let's say you want a new TV. Your old one is large and clunky; the picture is starting to act up, and its time to replace it. So you tell the Universe you want a new TV. You think about what kind of TV you want and you decide on a size, features and price range. You might go to a few stores and pick out some models that appeal to you. You have fun picking out that new TV and eventually you bring it home and put it in your living room. What has happened here is that you put out a request and the Universe matched your vibration, calling attention to TVs that fit your requirements and nudging you forward to getting it into your house.

On the other hand, say you are sitting on your couch complaining about your old TV. The picture wavers and you snarl at it and call it a piece of junk. You tell everyone it's about to break and you need to replace it. You see a TV at the store and complain that it's too expensive or you can't afford it. Do you think you'll actually get a new TV? No. All of your energy is spent bashing the old one and the Universe, reflecting that back keeps you stuck exactly where you are.

The desire was the same - you wanted a new TV. The results however were drastically different because in each case you put out a different vibe to the Universe which in turn was reflected right back to you.

This is why in Law of Attraction it's important to ignore what you don't want and focus on what you do want. Put out the vibrations of what you do want and watch the Universe respond in kind by bringing it right to you.

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