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Nina Vucetic

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There is nothing worse than the pain of rejection. You are full of despair, hopelessness and anger. You have tried everything to win back his love and are desperate to find what to say to get him back. Surely there must be some magic combination of words and strategies to get him back. Well, there is. But it needs to be applied carefully and you need to make sure that you have enough emotional distance in order to implement the strategy in a calm and confident way.

In order to create some distance and get a grip on your emotions, the first thing you need to do is back off completely. Initiating any form of contact after the breakup is not advised.

The best 3 things that you can do at this point are:

-avoid all contact -get on with your life -get support form your friends – not him

Follow this successfully and he will certainly be curious, confused and inevitably call YOU back. Next step is to learn exactly what to say to get him back – don’t blow this!

Now this first call after you have allowed some time to pass is very important and needs to be handled with care and caution. Memorize these rules and if in doubt, wait until you can fully implement them

KEEP IT LIGHT He will no doubt engage in taxi talk – and so should you. Be cheerful and steer clear of any serious topics – particularly about the relationship. It is a clear sign that you are not attempting to make a reconciliation and that you have moved on

HOLD THE POWER If he tries to suggest meeting up – say that you will get back to him. Don’t go into detail as to why, don’t say that you are too hurt to see him, just appear elusive and in control. This helps to regain the power and you will be able to dictate the terms in future. Being overly ready see him is giving away your power and you will lose his interest and curiosity. You need to create the idea in his mind that you are now unavailable.

DON’T DISCUSS THE RELATIONSHIP Stay on current topics and never ever discuss the relationship. Don’t even say that you have moved on or that you don’t want to discuss it. Let him say what he needs to say but you can just steer you side of the conversation back to light, current topics. Mention that you have been busy with work or a trip that you have been on. Avoid all talk about how bad you have been feeling, how much you have been missing him and definitely do not suggest that you have any intention of getting back together. That will be his move, and he will certainly making after you apply these principles

BE POSITIVE Positivity is very attractive and conveys that you have both accepted the situation and are moving in a clear direction – without him. Talk about all the good things you have going on at the moment – but don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and relevant is what you need to focus on with what to say to get him back.

BE THE ONE TO END THE CALL This is the final and most potent element in what to say to get him back – nothing. End the call and leave him with the feelings of curiosity and a desire to contact you again. Tell him you need to go and get moving. Nothing is more effective than silence. While you have engaged in small talk, you really haven’t revealed anything and this is the key.

The post breakup phone call is one of the most crucial steps – don’t jeopardize it with nervousness or saying the wrong this because you are too excited to hear from him. Get prepared by reading this guide which has been proven to work. Learn from others on what to say to get him back. There are countless tips and tricks that you can apply when that crucial phone call comes. Get them now so you are prepared

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Nina Vucetic has written numerous articles on the enhancement of individual human performance in relationships, work, love and life. The post break up call is crucial - find out exactly what to say to get him back
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