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Theo Johnson

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It may sound quite hard to believe; but there are indeed some apparently magic words that you can use to make your ex to return your phone calls, email or text messages. Your ex would be compelled to return your calls as if they are under a spell. Relax, there is nothing untoward here. These are just words that are so effective that your ex would not rest until she/he calls you back.

I know this issue has been of great concern to most of you out there that have suffered and agonized over the best steps or actions to take to make your ex resume contact with you. I am sure that the words and steps I would share with you in a moment will be the beginning of mending a broken relationship. No matter your situation, never lose hope that that your broken relationship could be fixed so that you begin again on a clean slate.

However, before we get into what you should do let us briefly go through what you should definitely not say in your desperation to get your ex back into talking terms with you. These words may put you into an awful psychological situation and have never worked anyway.

1.The Emergency Approach In this case one is so desperate that you simply keep calling your ex and leaving messages that suggest emergencies. For example:

“Nora, I am dying to see you, in fact this is an emergency. Call me as soon as you get this message”.

2.The Plead Approach Here one just begs for calls to be returned. It may something like this:

“Hi Kevin, I have called you now five times. I beg you to please and please take my calls or return them at least. I love you”.

Both of these approaches at this stage may make matters even worse. Now what are the 3 things that should guide you as you plot your way to get your ex to call you back as quickly as possible.

3.You should have an overall strategy or action plan into which your techniques will fit into. This is absolutely necessary in order to avoid a situation where you will cause an awful damage instead of repairs. There are basically two approaches that could be employed in developing an action plan to try to rescue broken relationships.

4.Secondly, use Curiosity and Self interest – These are two of the most powerful forces in the human mind. The BIG SECRET is that when you employ these two powerful forces to your advantage, they always work like magic to get your ex to act in the direction you want. Thus, in a very friendly tone you can apply these 2 forces by saying for instance;

“Hi Nora, I really appreciate the good things you did to me and wanted to thank you person. Please call me back so I can do that”.

Can you see how to combine curiosity and self interest? Well, you can do it in your own ingenious way and there are many when you really set about the task. In all cases, your ex will be wondering what was the good that s/he did that you appreciate. Again, your ex will be happy and relaxed now that their positive qualities are being appreciated. Nora will hardly be able to resist the impulse to call you back.

5.The Set –up: But before all these make sure you have a plausible good thing to tell her when she calls back. Without this, you may end up causing more harm than good in your bid to restore your relationship.

More importantly, however, you must have an overall strategy within which all your actions are undertaken and coordinated. This will guide you and prevent you from falling into the ditch as you navigate this slippery path to reconciliation with your ex. Remember what you specifically do before, during and after you get your ex to call you back is more important than getting them to call you back. You must have a coherent plan otherwise you may blow it.

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Theo Johnson has been helping people to mend their relationships online for some time now. Even though his brilliant ideas may appear unorthodox at first glance, they have proven to be the ultimate solutions for broken relationships that were thought to be hopeless. His advice and prescriptions are simple, down to earth and doable. In order to even get more ideas and effective plans and strategies to help you get your ex back, then visit
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