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You broke up with your wife. Do you want to A) get back at your ex-wife, or B) get your ex-wife back?

Here Are 5 Ways To: A) Get Back At Your Ex-Wife, or B) Get Your Ex-Wife Back

Relationships need care and maintainance in order to keep them going and growing. Unfortunately, most couples don't know how to nourish a relationship. Most of the behavior is learned from our parents, and that's not always good. Let me re-phrase, "That's hardly ever good!" Break ups happen all the time, and they are difficult, stressful and frustrating. When you break up with your partner, you may think that you want to "get back at" your ex-wife with a vengence. But, that's not the best attitude regardless of your intention.

One of the most effective ways that you can actually "get back at your ex-wife" without trying to hurt them will go a long way toward repairing the relationship. Just by showing your ex-wife how important you are and were to them, they may re-think the breakup.

I don't recommend trying to "get back at your ex-wife," in a hurtful way, but, if you must, these 5 tips will get back at your ex-wife and may even help you in getting your ex-wife back. Are you confused yet? Are you ready? Here we go.

1 - Don't be a wimp! No one wants a woose for a partner. Don't act needy. No begging, clinging or acting desperate. Let your ex-wife think that you have moved on just fine without them by acting strong and moving on. When you've moved on, your ex-wife will realize that they have not.

2 - Don't be calling them or texting them all the time. I don't mean, that you should say, "I'm not talking with you" which would be a childish way to act. I mean, just be cool and let time pass. Shutting down communication may appear counterintuitive if your goal is to rekindle things, but it is one of the most important steps when getting back at your ex-wife or getting your ex-wife back. Take a break from your ex-wife, close off communication, and let him or her stew for a little while without any contact. This will allow your ex-wife to clear her mind and realize how valuable your relationship was. Read step one again and think "be strong."

3 - Don't be demanding. Don't be forceful with your ex-wife. For example, don't demand that they move out, or pick their things up by a certain date. Be flexible, be cool, be a listener. Show some polite sympathy. Your ex-wife will be surprised when they see this side of you, and it may go a long way toward building the lines of communication that may have caused when the breakup in the first place.

4 - Don't be a couch potatoe. You need to see people, do things! Get out of the house. This is no time for you to be alone. Call your friends and get together with them. Develop a social network and enjoy some entertainment in your life. This may not mean you need to date, or even pay attention to the opposite sex, but you do need to be getting out and enjoying your time with your friends. Not only will this be therapeutic for you, but it will also help convince your ex-wife that they lost a gem. Read step one again to remind yourself not to be a whinner and complainer with your friends.

5 - Relax and be yourself. Just being your self, the way you were when your ex-wife first met you will let your ex-wife remember why they loved you in the first place. This renewed self perception of your own self will surely rub off on your ex-wife as well.

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