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You would definitely be wondering how to get together with your ex pronto if you have just recently had a hard experience of a broken relationship. You begin to wish that you could roll back the hands of the clock. You begin to wish that what happened was actually a dream or a fantasy and that the true reality will soon emerge. Such an attitude which virtually anyone that has had a break up usually goes through borders on the refusal or inability of persons to reconcile themselves with the painful reality of the break up.

So many feelings and thoughts will be going through your mind during this stage of life after the painful break up with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. You may become emotionally depressed and then do something that you could later regret. You may resort to calling your ex and begging him or her frantically to come back, forgive and forget. Nothing could be more mistaken. This would only make things worse by pushing your ex further away from you resulting in more anguish and frustration.

So what should you really do to attain your goal of getting back together with your ex? Do you simply call your ex? Do you break or dissolve into crying through out the day? You should do neither. All that is expected of you is to opt to follow the following basic steps to assist you in getting back together with your ex.

Step 1 – Do not deny the Break up No matter how much you love your ex please do not deny the reality of the break up even if you find it detestable. Face up to the fact and accept the break up as a reality and not a dream. In fact, you can even go ahead and tell your ex that you are okay with the break up and that you are moving on. This will immediately relieve you of the stress and tension associated with all broken relationships. One of the resultant benefits of this approach is that it will give your ex the time needed to think things over and consider his or her options carefully. If your ex still loves you as much as you do, then she or he will find a suitable way somehow to get back together with you.

Step 2 – Avoid any contact with your ex

Following the break up, you should not make any attempt to re-establish contact with your ex. This communication cut off will afford your ex the opportunity for sober reflections and for things to calm down somewhat. Even though, this approach may appear paradoxical, it nonetheless effectively conveys the message to your ex that you have moved on and are doing okay. Now if the relationship is of any value to your ex,she or he will begin to miss you and this feeling prepares the ground for the mending of the broken relationship. This is the time for your ex to realize how important you are to them.

Step 3 - After the execution of the two steps above, the next step is for you to begin to plan the details of your expected re-union. This plan will include details such as the place you are to meet; when to meet and the things you are going to say at the occasion. Do not leave anything to chance at this stage. At this encounter you will be able read your ex through body nuances and other signs whether she or he still loves you and is ready to get back together with you. Following these three steps places you well on the path to attaining your desire of getting back together with your ex.

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Theo Johnson has been helping people to mend their relationships online for some time now. Even though his ideas may appear unorthodox at first glance, they have nonetheless been found effective in helping folks mend their broken relationships. For down to earth and effective strategies to help you get your ex back, visit
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