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Diana Onedge

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So you were dating a guy you really liked and then one day you noticed a tiny little thing about him that you didn't really like and you dumped him! Just like that! Without any thought about it! But have you really dug down deep to try and understand why you dumped him? Are you know thinking I dumped my boyfriend, big mistake now I want him back.

Whatever it was that made you turn around and end up with a dumped boyfriend, you're regretting it now because now, you want him back. But here's the thing he thinks you were very immature about it and wants nothing to do with you and everything that you've tried so far to get him back has not worked.

Have you tried just giving him some time alone for a while? Because pretty much you've hurt his feelings big time and he's feeling a little humiliated. If you've been calling him and he is not answering, then that's a clear indication that he needs you to leave him alone for now.

Instead of hitting him with countless text messages and calls, give him some time and take a look at the real reasons that might have caused you to act the way you did. Think about why you are telling yourself I dumped my boyfriend, big mistake now I want him back. Be honest with yourself and look at some of the issues you have that may cause this behavior.

Here is a little know fact, some women like to end the relationship it to see if their boyfriends will put up a fight for them and the relationship. It is kind of like a strength test to see if the relationship has long-term promise. If this is what you did, then this is basically unacceptable behavior. Just ask yourself why you would even want to put someone who you clearly have feelings for through the trauma of a break up?

For the most part anyone who tries to manipulate someone to this degree has some self-esteem issues that they should really think about looking at and working out. Your self-esteem is really your subconscious. If you are struggling with low self-esteem then the little voice in your head often shouts negativity at you and tells you that you are just not good enough. It is a problem many of us have, the good news it can be fixed fairly easy with a little effort on your part. Take the time to work on this and you will have a much happier life and relationship..

I dumped my boyfriend, big mistake now I want him back you're going to have to clearly work on yourself. No self-respecting boyfriend wants to be around someone who is high maintenance and doesn't know what she really wants. So from now on make sure about what you are doing and why you are doing it. There are many good relationship advice systems that can help you with some of these issues, get one and you can get on the right track to happier and healthier relationships.

So Instead of dumping the guy, why not sit and talk to him about your fears and your worries. He will think more of you if you are honest with him, rather than if you simply dump him for what appears to be no real reason. If you're good for each other, things will work out. By acting confident and grown up, you heighten your chances of getting him to come back to you. If you get along pretty well with each other, feel connected and really want to stay together, fix it. It is worth it.

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Whatever may happen next in your life, you will always sense that it was a tragedy that you never made a complete effort to get back together. For more help you can look into one of the Best Relationship Advice Systems that is available, at will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex love back in your arms, Especially if you are the only one trying. If you want to save your relationship, then you can start working toward the relationship you once had, or always wanted.
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