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Jose Condemarin

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I have read many articles over the years concerning relationships and women. I will be touching a little bit on the subject of relationships. Mostly I would like to talk about women, some of these articles I have read are well written, and many of us men do learn from them. Still some are written in such a way, that it makes me think they desire women to be slaves. I think some of us men have forgotten that our grandmothers and mothers are women and so are our sisters and wives. Many of you may be wondering why I am writing this type of article.

As I was growing up in South America (Peru), I was surrounded by women in my family, the only boy of three sisters and my aunts. Therefore, I learned in my younger years to love and treat women with a lot of respect. As we all know women have a very special calling on this earth, which is to bear and raise children. I believe there is no higher calling than this, and many poets describe women thus: they are soft as rose petals, or silk and very delicate in their senses and I would like to add, they are strong, dedicated, and committed. They do endure many hardships therefore, we men need to recognize that, and praise the women in our lives.

I have always told my wife that “Men without women are nothing.” Many of you may not agree with me, but just ask yourself where you came from. Give it some thought and ponder, you will agree with me. We have now many great women in government leadership, company leadership, and many other organizations, this includes all the women serving in the armed forces. After many years watching my Father treat my mother so gently and so loving during his time here on earth, he is one of the greatest examples in my life. I have been following in his footsteps and it has been rewarding to see the results.

Now many of you may not have had the benefit of a good example such as I had, but all these examples can be self taught. We just need to set our minds and follow what we need to do, to accomplish being able to maintain a long lasting, mutually respectful relationship. I know and understand not all the women are as I have explained, and some can be a very big challenge (so can men), as some men did not have the right upbringing for the proper example. But if you love the women in your life, and lovingly communicate and exercise patience by example, you may come to realize that these women are very fine wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters. Women as well as men need encouragement. Thus, encourage your wife, your mother, sisters and any other women in your family, and within your realm of acquaintance, to aim high in life.

They should be allowed to speak and you should consider their opinions as important, it can be a truly wonderful relationship, and they will feel as important as they are, by your consideration to them. Personally I praise women in my life, because I believe I am who I am because of them. I do thank the Lord for this blessing. I thank all the women in my life for their love and teaching, and I would like to honor all women with this article.

As we move through our busy lives each day, stop and ponder about these things. Give long and deep thought to these words, and I know deep in your heart you will come to realize, that all of us have had women who have been a major influence in what we are or who we are. Many of you may think you never have had any women make that kind of influence, but if you really think about it, you will have to agree that you have.

Now I want to say something to women. As you start a relationship, work hard to keep your relationship. Always remember that it takes both sides to work hard. There is no reason to be too hard and difficult. I have seen some women in my own family, as being too high maintenance, and I could not understand the meaning of this. By high maintenance, I mean demanding and selfish, demanding the pleasure of their ego before anything else. As I kept running into those situations, I found no reason for them to be high maintenance. Life is too short to make things more difficult than what it is. Love your husband or the man in your life, and be easy going and always try to understand us men. Always remember we are very sensitive, even though we may not say anything. The nature of men is to keep things to ourselves, but ladies you need to be sensitive to all those situations. Now this does not mean that men are not sometimes high maintenance, because some are. I have run into some men like that, who make life hard on the wife also, and this counsel goes for those men who are too high maintenance as well.

I do understand that relationships are not easy, and it takes two people to work on it constantly. We need to work hard to maintain these relationships. I in no way shape or form, declare myself an expert on this matter, but life teaches us a great deal. I have learned a lot over the years, and it just breaks my heart to see couples going through these kinds of problems. As life teaches us so many things, we need to apply those teachings to our lives. I have read many books about relationships, and this is my personal conclusion. Every marriage is a different world, and we are responsible to make these relationships successful. It does not matter what the so called experts say, or how much they write about it, If we ourselves do not make things work, by making some changes in our attitudes and lives, for the good of our relationship, and for our own personal well being.

I know it may seem kind of odd for me to write this article, as I have been publishing all my other articles regarding bar stools or Kitchen Bar stools. But I have been pondering these things for many months, and my heart was telling me to go ahead and express myself. I do thank my wife for her support and her understanding and especially to my mother and my sisters for all the years they influenced me for good. I felt now was the right time to express myself concerning this matter. I do consider this a very important topic in my life and I hope it is in yours. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that it may encourage you to empower the Women (Men) in your lives, and always encourage them, you might be surprised what you missed, and what a positive difference you can make. And as I always say, “Let me remind you, this is solely the opinion of the writer and as any article you may use as you wish, but the whole intention behind these articles is to help people to make the right decision.”

©copyright JA & AK Enterprices, LLC

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