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Dave Lovett

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There is one major blunder that almost all new Jewels By Parklane representatives make that is far beyond the others.

Your personal name has to be on the web in the manner of a website not just the Jewels By Parklane name and personal corporate website.

In addition, it needs to be totally independent from Jewels By Parklane and the team that you are on.

To accomplish this, you must have a web existence in 3 areas: You have to have a domain name. You have to have a website. And, you need to have a website hosting account.

Now these sites can be extremely easy to complete but everyone thinks that they are difficult. That is one logical reason why Jewels By Parklane or your upline will create it for you. Many imagine it is hard.

These business websites seem to be so suitable and simple. They are hard to resist. Even the cost is correct. They will basically give you one either low-cost or for free.

When you joined Jewels By Parklane, they or your upline, gave you a website just for getting involved. Although it may be for free, it does keep you from placing yourself appropriately online.

A corporation site, even an excellent one like Jewels By Parklane provides, is designed to promote Jewels By Parklane. It may provide a tiny section for your profile but it is not planned to highlight you – only Jewels By Parklane. Also, they can place items without your okay. They have all the control of the site. You will be always be promoting Jewels By Parklane.

The largest blunder a new Jewels By Parklane representative makes is not securing their personal name. Remember, other people connect with you rather than connecting with a corporation. You definitely need to establish a site to promote yourself and not Jewels By Parklane.

It is so easy to setup your name as a site. It is called a "domain name".

For you to have your name as website, you must first register a domain name and get hosting for that name. As an example: is a domain name, but you could not use that website if it wasn't hosted at a hosting site.

Remember, a domain name is your exclusive home on the web. That is why everyone has to have his or her name! After you select it - no one can use it but you.

Here is the fastest and easiest way to prevent this blunder that most Jewels By Parklane representatives make::

Get your own domain name with your name like mine is: “”. This is my name and my site. Oh, if yours is already taken, then just get something similar to it like “”

Also, you need a website hosting account. I prefer to be with “one of the big boys” similar to GoDaddy. This is not a time to go stingy. You want it dependable and operating all the time. Pick a "WordPress Blog Hosting Account" so you can get a free blog website up in a short time.

Lastly, you'll need a basic website up on that hosting account. WordPress will give them to you for no cost. WordPress calls the no cost websites, "blogs", and the websites format is called “themes”. They are so simple to set up. You do not have to be elaborate or perfect for now. It just needs to be about you.

Let me suggest that you at least obtain your personal name and hosting account immediately! Here is the problem if you fail to do this immediately. .

It is because another person may get your name for his or her domain!

The only resolution to avoid this blunder is to secure your personal right now. At least obtain it before another person obtains your name.

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Dave Lovett is a noted Internet and Online Network Marketing Professional. You can learn more about setting up your OWN NAME and HOSTING ACCOUNT at Simple step by step instructions are available.
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