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Jim Hageman

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MLM success, Mike Dillard teaches two clear-cut ways to help us eliminate information overload. Mike emailed a video, recently, talking about how he used discipline and applied these two ideas to build his 8-figure, online empire.

1. Mike Dillard Idea One

First of all, recognize that it's normal for any person, who is enthused about their company, to want to understand whatever they can about building it.

We tend to be interested in everything we come across on the topic -- and there is typically a lot. This is actually a phase we all go through as we attempt to master our business.

To build your business, using the Internet, do these three steps:

Step 1 -- Develop your list.

Step 2 -- Build a relationship with the people on your list.

Step 3 -- Provide value to your list (which can be an affiliate product, your primary MLM company, or a product or service your primary MLM company offers).

Now, in order to achieve this, the first skill you have to develop is generating traffic. When you're beginning, it would be nice to generate traffic from 10 different sources, but you really only need to focus on one source.

So decide on the source that you can get excited about, master it, and forget about the rest for now. Get to the point where you know it so well that you could write a book on it. Now you'll be creating all the traffic you need.

The next skill you need to develop is effective copywriting. This is salesmanship in writing. Now that you have the traffic, use copywriting to get people to fill out your form and subscribe to your list.

Next, it's important that you create a connection with everyone on your list. You must acquire the skill to influence them to take action. It's being able to write the email, ad copy, or sales letter that gets people to click the link in your ad or fill out your form.

Now you have the capacity to market your products, recruit distributors, and earn money with the push of a mouse button.

Mike recommends, particularly if you're just getting started, that these are the two abilities you really need to focus on developing. He suggests that you shut out everything else until you're good at using one method of traffic generation and copywriting.

2. Mike Dillard Idea Two

The 2nd idea that Mike Dillard reviews with us is his daily list of five. Before his day ends, Mike reviews the key results he wants to achieve in his business and then decides what the five things he must do tomorrow are. He types these out and commits to doing these five things. Mike completes these before he looks at email, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else.

Mike shares that it's not how quick you start off, it's how strong you finish that makes a difference. He equates developing his 8-figure business to building a house, one brick at a time. Each brick equals his daily five must do commitments. Five every day adds up to a lot of results over time.

At the end of every day, the most important thing you can do is make you daily five. List the five things you can do tomorrow to get the results you want in your business. Be specific. For example, instead of writing down to study attraction marketing, write down read 10 pages of Magnetic Sponsoring.

In summary, Mike Dillard recommends that you use these two ideas beginning today and you'll begin seeing results in your business. So let's type out our list of five, pick one traffic generating method, and study effective copy writing starting now.

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