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There are 4 methods to train your dog, including reward, punish, induce, force . 1.Reward The most popular training method is reward. It can strengthen the right moves of dog, consolidate the ability , adjust the dog’s state of neural activity. In general, the best use of as little as possible to encourage the way of food. If we often reward dog food easily lead to the habit of greed. we can take the method of orally praise or touching his ear, neck, head or neck below, and this the effect of spiritual reward is not worse than the effect of material incentives. In addition, we should give it reward until the dog completes a skilled movement.In this way, dog will be able to complete the next series of moves carefully everywhere.

2.Punish An effective means to stop the dog is to punish its bad actions. In use the instrument, the trainer must be stern. There are severe penalties for pointing dogs verbal abuse, with stones, books hurl to the dog’s side , of course, not real swords and spears to spanking. Through the the tension of its nerve stimulation, the main purpose is to make it remember this lesson and not do it again. If your own dogs eat feces , you should be sure to take severe punishment so that it puts an end to bad habits, and the direct punishment of law is to put dog feces and other waste before its face, when the dog eats, you loudly denounce corporal punishment, and take away the waste , over a day or two and then test the same way until the dogs are no longer feeding up. In addition, some dogs like to tear slippers, toys, towels and other items, once discovered, you should be mercilessly punished. If the incorrigible, the plot along into the habit, you should give it one or two lessons of the bone marrow wound, otherwise, it will not be easily awakened. 3.Inducement Induced induction is the use of delicious food, goods, dog trainer’s actions induced to make some kind of action, to establish a means of conditioned reflex. For example,to make dogs learn to “come” correct understanding of this password, the trainer can take a piece of meat in front of dogs, dogs will certainly be obedient to “come” to the side,here meat can not be rewarded to the dogs, or it will be misunderstood your “to” to “eat”. This repeated several times, dogs will understand that the so-called “come” is a process that the dog comes from far and near to the master side. When no meat, and then training a few times, your dog can certainly accurate understand of your “come” password. 4.Force Mandatory enforcement is the use of mechanical stimulation and deterrent nature of passwords, forcing the successful completion of a dog as a means of action. The so-called mechanical stimulation which means a series of actions about hand in hand, push, tap and so on. For example, the trainer raises the dog’s neck rings in his right hand and presses the dog’s waist in his left hand, the dogs will be bound to make a sit down action. Coercion is more directness than inducement, less prone to misunderstand, so that the dog was forced to submit to understand the meaning of a password. This method is a bit simple and crude, regardless of the voluntary consciousness of dogs. But sometimes, the general didactic lecture has brought dogs to become accustomed to common. For example, some dogs bully the small animals at home, and the outcry when it no longer works, you can give it a strong stimulus in order to force it to make corrections, you can sprinkle with red pepper into the food squeezed dog’s mouth, and help its wear a mask, making it mandatory stimulation. This is a rather extreme coercion and punishment, but often one of the measures are effective. In general, the intensity of force can not be overstepped the bounds, only when necessary to a strong stimulus. When the initial stage of training should not be too big, timid dogs should not be used with caution.

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