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Ray Gatica

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This is a story of a brave little misfit named Wob, and how he became a hero- of-a- different - sort.

From as far back as anyone can remember Wob sat on a high shelf in the baby’s room.

But, even though he was in the baby’s room he was not a stuffed, cuddly doll that the baby could hug or play with. And, though he had sort of a clown face and looked like a li’l soldier somewhat, he wasn’t a funny clown nor a tin or wooden, toy soldier either. He was just a funny looking little guy with a big round head, a funny face, big ears, big round eyes and a big nose too. And to add to his peculiarity, instead of holding a rifle over his shoulder like a soldier, that he resembles, somewhat, he held a harmless candy cane stick with lollipops on top. And to top-it-all-off, he wasn’t able to talk either. He was just a miserable, lonely, little nobody.

And, even though the toys were aware of Wob on the high shelf, they knew he wasn’t able to come down to play. And, because of his funny features and being dusty from being on the high shelf so long, the toys thought he was a funny

sight and laughed at him.

Everyday, from the high shelf, Wob watched as the toys jumped, hopped, flipped, whirled, rattled, boinged and made other funny noises that made the baby smile and laugh. They seemed to have so much fun!

Wob considered the toys very special because they were able to play with the baby. “If I were a toy, I could play with the baby and make him happy too.” he thought. But sadly, Wob was not a toy...

Wob’s biggest wish in life was to someday have a family, to be noticed, to be special. But most importantly, he wanted to be a part of the baby’s life.

One night, Wob was feeling sad and lonely, and was crying softly when he was startled by a voice, “Why are you so sad Wob?” His big eyes got bigger as he looked around the room - but no one was there. “Who’s there? Who’s speaking to me?” thought Wob.

“I am your Voice from Within”, the voice replied. As Wob listened, curiously, to the friendly sounding voice, he realized it was trying to help him.

“You know, you are very special too Wob.” said the voice. “I am?” thought Wob. “Yes you are! Look at yourself - you have two big strong sturdy feet, a little over sized perhaps, the voice giggled, but you stand solidly on them, so you will never get tired. You have short-short legs but they are strong, to hold you upright, tirelessly. You also have two strong arms and a strong chest too. And, with your big eyes and big ears you can see and hear everything that goes on in the baby’s room. The day will come when you will soon find your purpose and the family will realize - how special you are. But remember, you have to be strong and brave.”

Then the voice slowly faded away...His “Voice from Within” became his best friend. It came to talk to him regularly, and it always reminded him to be strong and brave.

After the voice was gone, Wob took a deep breath, sighed and stood up straightly - as though he was standing at attention. He sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes and pondered his conversation with the Li’l Voice. “The voice is right! With my big ears and big eyes I can hear and see everything in the baby’s room. And even though my legs are short, I am on this high shelf, higher than everyone else - and I can even see far out the window, and see the bright sunshine, the birds, the pretty butterflies, and even the squirrels playing on the tree branches. And, at night, I can see the sparkling, twinkling stars and the pretty moonlight too.” From up here, I can watch over the whole room. It’s like being a watchman high in a watchtower! WOW - me a watchman! How exciting!” he thought.

Now, Wob liked being on the high shelf. He liked being an imaginary watchman as he watched over the baby’s room. It made him feel important. From that day on, Wob stood his post lovingly and dutifully.

Days passed…

One day - it was a dark and stormy day and Wob heard loud thunder ROARS RUMBLES and BOOMS. He heard the wind HOWLING loudly, “WHOOOOO!”

During the LOUD thunder, CRACKS and BRIGHT lightning FLASHES - Wob noticed a large dark scary shadow, outside the window, moving back and forth, mysteriously. It was tapping, scratching and screeching on the windowpane. What? Who is it? Wob was scared…Once he had overheard Mommy and Daddy talking about “Stranger Danger” and stories of babies and children having disappeared and never heard from again. “Maybe it’s him,” he thought. As he was thinking this, the dark scary shadow appeared near the window again. Suddenly there was a loud CRASH! The window flung open “THAAACK” it went as it bounced off the wall. Wob froze from fright!

He felt so helpless because he couldn’t run or walk! What am I going to do? How am “I” going to stop Stranger Danger from coming in?

Just then he heard the ‘Little Voice from Within’ say There is no one else Wob, you have to save the baby!” Yes! thought Wob, “I must alert the family! The baby needs me now, more than ever!”

Just then he felt something he had never experienced before, from inside his heaving chest came a pounding, a beating, and a rapid Thump-Thump -- Thump-Thump. He felt hot and cold - all at once! He felt dizzy and faint and the room went dark! He tried to yell. He tried to scream. But nothing came out!

He closed his eyes and concentrated on calling mommy and daddy - how it would happen he didn’t know!

Suddenly, his baggy and dusty outfit started to change - his dull and dusty colors turned bright red, bold blue and dazzling white. His large dusty black boots turned shiny. The medals on his bright red sash were sparkling, shimmering and jingling. He was shining magnificently from the top of his bright red hat to his shiny-shiny black boots. Because of his “GREAT LOVE FOR THE BABY” he glowed as much as he possibly could. He was shining like a beacon from a lighthouse!

From the other room the family saw the sparkling, glowing, dazzling beams of light. Hurriedly, they jumped up and ran to the baby’s room. They arrived just in time to stop the dark, broken tree branch from falling on the baby’s bed. As the cold wind and rain came in, daddy hurriedly removed the big branch, and closed and covered the window. Mommy checked on the baby. The baby was crying, but only from fright.

Wob was so happy and proud because he had saved the baby that he was still shining proudly. He was glad that it had not been Stranger Danger after all.

After all the excitement was over, mother and father walked over to the high shelf and said, “Thank You” to Wob. They realized that this little character that no one ever noticed had saved their baby from harm. Father said, “you know he sure was very brave for a little guy, and the way he is standing and saluting he looks quite official- lets call him “The Official Baby Watcher.”

Father, then reached for Wob and picked him off the high shelf and set him closer to the baby’s bed. Mother, then gave Wob a big kiss on the cheek. Wob turned red and blushed. Even though, it was new to Wob, he liked the feeling of father’s warm, gentle hands and Mommy’s tender kiss. It all felt so nice to Wob - he felt a warm glow inside.

Meanwhile - all the toys heard of what had happened and every morning when they wake, they salute and thank Wob for watching over them too. They now treat him with kindness and respect and they too refer to him as – “The Official Baby Watcher.”

Finally, Wob is a part of the family – he is closer to the baby and he also found his purpose. All this makes him a very happy little somebody now. From that day on Wob became The Official Baby Watcher and even though he is different and the toys still think he is still a funny sight – they like him and accept him just the way he is.

The End.

EPILOGUE: Now Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Sister have formed “The Official Baby Watcher Helper’s Team” in their home- to help Wob watch over the baby at all times because now they realize what a big job being a Baby Watcher really is.

Note to audience: You can go to the website and read the story there and also see the colorful illustrations. We welcome comments and questions from parents, please call the author: Whimsy Studio Inc., Ray Gatica, 281/441-9714 or Email at:, or through website:

You may also ask about the illustrated Official Baby Watcher storybook, the OBW multicultural plush dolls, a heart warming gift for for babies and small children , it doubles as a decorative wall hanging for the baby’s room. Also look for “OBW Helpers Team” T-shirts, available for the children and family.

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Artist Ray Gatica, paints, illustrates professionally. He enjoys creating and writing children's things. He created The Lil Baby Watcher a few years ago. Marketing of the character's products are under way through the site which He can be reached at Visitors can get a shorter version of the story and see the colorful illustrations at the above site.
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