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Tim Lee

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Secret shopping is one hot industry today. But what is secret shopping? Secret shopping is simply being hired by companies who would want to evaluate their stores, products and services and getting paid while posing to be a regular customer. It is a very effective way of getting extra income while enjoying and helping a certain enterprise to improve their services.

Below are some tips on how to become a successful secret shopper:

(1) Be resourceful.

The industry of secret shopping is one that we might describe as a clandestine industry. It is a clandestine industry not because it is a hoax or a scam but because secrecy is the most important aspect of the whole idea. If the store personnel know that you are a secret evaluator for their management, then they would treat you extraordinarily, therefore affecting the evaluation. Being resourceful means looking at different local newspaper, internet and other forms of ads which looks for secret shoppers.

(2) Be professional

If one is hired as a secret shopper, he should bear in mind that he should be a shopper on the outside but an evaluator on the inside. One should not lose focus when being a secret shopper and should not overlook the aspect of evaluation.

(3) Be on time

Being a secret shopper entails some kind of time restriction when it comes to one's deliverables. The reports should always be submitted on time. The reports should also be comprehensive and should not be done half-heartedly. The secret of being successful in this industry is to take the job seriously.

(4) Be observant

One of the main qualifications that companies look for in a secret shopper is his ability to be able to look at things on a detailed level. Once a secret shopper enters a store, he should remember the way the attendants greet him, or what they are wearing and what they are doing.

(5) Interact

Interacting with the personnel of a store is one of the main jobs of a secret shopper. Companies can evaluate the actions of their personnel when there are no customers around, they can do that by using other methods ( hidden cameras, etc.). However, when it comes to evaluating their professionalism and courtesy, the secret shopper plays a very important role.

(6) Be objective

A successful secret shopper knows how to delineate his biases from the observations made during the visit.

(7) Learn how to write technically

Companies can hire practically anyone to be a secret shopper. Successful secret shoppers know how to write substantive reports which would be very helpful to the companies which hired them. They are also picked over and over again and are referred to other companies because of their competency.


These are just some basic tips on becoming a successful secret shopper. Although it is a fun job, it should be taken seriously, nonetheless. There is no such thing a free lunch and there is no such thing as an all-fun-no-work job.

Being a secret shopper, after all, is a good opportunity to turn a hobby into an income-generating endeavor.

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