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Watching the movie King Kong, I sat there with tissues pressed against my face, crying hysterically and deeply feeling for this giant gorilla. Suddenly, the thought of my death popped into my head. Slightly morbid and sad, I admit. Of course, the fact that I was by myself crying like a baby on a Saturday afternoon (with nowhere to go) very likely did not make matters better.

As I somewhat recovered and having to some extent regained my emotional equilibrium, the King’s death stayed with me. People always have the idea that death is sad or morbid, thus making it inappropriate for conversation in a social setting. Understandably, this might have to do with people’s fear of the unknown.

The movie had ended and the afternoon progressed but I still wondered about that gorilla, standing all alone at the top of that building obsessing and willing to die for the love of his life. Kong was clearly very misunderstood and the more I thought about it the more upset and frustrated I got thinking about the hysterical people and the over-reaction by the police force. I definitely was taking it very, very personal.

A little later, after I overcame my struggle and got over the rage-filled point in my day I contemplated with concern on where in the heck they were going to place this massive, dead gorilla. I mean, if you have seen the movie, it is evident they did not give him the proper memorial he deserved. But did he even receive a burial? Alternatively, did they cremate him? Burying the beast may have been a little difficult and overwhelming considering there would not be enough space for this giant mammal to be laying six feet under. So, yes, cremation would be best.

As a practical preference, I would highly recommend cremation for Kong. This permits a portion of his ashes to be scattered all over the jungle, in a ceremony that is in keeping with his position as the King of the jungle. The remainder of his giant remains could then be placed in a customized gorilla cremation urn where he would be memorialized in a museum. I wonder what size that urn would be. Kong must weigh at least ten hundred pounds. How much does a giant gorilla weight anyway?

As I realized how maniacally out of control my mind had wondered, it dawned on me that this was not just about a Hollywood horror film or about my obsession for seeking justice for this Gorilla. I realized that it had more to do with my personal fear of the unknown. What would I want my loved ones to do with me when I enter the pearly gates? What would anyone else want?

Many of us do not concern ourselves with how or where we would want to be once we pass to the great beyond. Some of us show much emotion on the idea of a cemetery with a nice solid marble tombstone. Then there are those of us who welcome the idea of cremation. It seems so spiritual, so clean.

The more I ponder the meaning of the word “cremation” and incorporate it into my vocabulary, the more comfortable the concept becomes. So, the thought of being cremated now appeals very much. I would like to have someone put my ashes into a beautiful cremation urn, custom ordered especially with me in mind. I would opt for an urn that represents my essence and lifestyle so that those who love me are able to feel that I am close to them.

Death is a hard concept to come to terms with. This is so whether we are talking about one’s personal demise or the passing of a loved one. It happens to all of us and we each have our own way of dealing with it and beliefs on it. Cremating a loved one’s ashes and placing them into an urn is one way of dealing with the sorrow. Everyone would love to be able to hold on to that last memory or to have a second chance to see that one person again. Unfortunately, that is not the hand we are dealt. By placing all or a portion of cremains into an urn, a loved one’s essence gently remains in our lives. Does that thought not comfort you as well?

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Myrna Munoz is a movie buff and has always been passionate about beautiful surroundings and home décor. She currently manages an online retail store where they offer cremation urns ( These urns are available in both traditional as well as original designs.
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