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Date Joined: June 10, 2013

Country: United States

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Sales Process Flowcharting

Author: Anna Korlyakova

Category: Business

Should a business or government agency need to visualize a solution model for a some aspect of their business, there is a good chance that resulting diagram will take the form of a flowchart They are an invaluable tool when charting a sales process - they give you the opportunity to visualise and understand the process, and also serve to highlight any issues or bottlenecks that might occur throughout the workflow As an example of how ubiquitously intertwined flowcharts are with business process, here are a number of synonyms that may also be used:flow chart, process flowchart, functional flowchart, process map, process chart, functional process chart, business process model, process model, process flow diagram, work flow diagram, business flow diagram...

Business Process Modelling Using IDEF0 and IDEF3 Diagrams

Author: Anna Korlyakova

Category: Computers and Technology

Originally developed and research funded by the US Air Force, Integration Definition, or IDEF, refers to a family of modelling languages that are used in the fields of system and software engineering The key aim of IDEF was to devise a method for modelling data subsystems in a generic fashion; a way of sharing information and defining business processes between associated agencies and suppliers The first language of this form, IDEF1, was initially concerned with data storage systems, and the ability to represent data regardless of how it is physically stored and used...

How to Create a Powerful Infographic When You do Not Have a Designer

Author: Anna Korlyakova

Category: Writing

Infographics are a powerful way to visually communicate information, to share knowledge and convey a story Infographics can easily communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner at a single glance Infographics are typically put together by a designer who takes the elements that need to be communicated and then builds a graphic description of that information that instantly communicates the story behind the numbers in a creative and interesting visual manner...