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Bhavyyash Agarwal

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Date Joined: April 20, 2016

Country: Philippines

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Why My StartUp Won’t Work!

Author: Bhavyyash Agarwal

Category: Marketing

The ugly truth is that three out of four startups fail Try being the one that doesn’t“But that won’t be me...

How We Started Our Blog?!

Author: Bhavyyash Agarwal

Category: Writing

It’s never too late…This is our first blog but we just dove right into it We had similar worries like any other first time blogger… “Errm, I don’t know what to write” “Uhhh, I can’t write that well”; the truth being it’s not about how complicated your topic is or how leveled your English is, what matters most is how you express yourself while writingNeither of us are literature majors nor did anyone in our team have a history in story telling...

Do I Really Need a Business Strategy For my Shop?

Author: Bhavyyash Agarwal

Category: Business

Everything changes… haven’t we all heard the saying ‘the only constant is change’You cannot avoid change, and sometimes change is necessary in order to develop the business and strike a balance of things All we can do is believe that change is always for the better...

9 Reasons Why a Client Will NEVER be Satisfied With Their Results at a Salon

Author: Bhavyyash Agarwal

Category: Womens Interest

Clients think, whatever the problem may be, a bad day at work, got dumped, super broke, maid dint turn up They just need a trip to the salon Hocus- Pocus...