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Date Joined: February 04, 2013

Country: United Kingdom

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Traditional Hot Water Bottles Versus Microwave Bottles: Which is Right For You?

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Home Management

The humble hot water bottle is enjoying a spectacular comeback, as more and more people are looking for more environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to stay warm during the colder months With so many new hot water bottle products on the market, deciding which product is right for you can be a bit overwhelming Here are some features and benefits of both traditional hot water bottles and newer microwave bottles to help you decide which may be right for you...

What is a Hooty Owl? Why Children Love This New Microwave Owl Product

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Parenting

Hooty Owls are part of the resurgence in popularity of hot water bottles Traditional hot water bottles are made with rubber or PVC, filled with hot water, and used to warm a bed before sleep Prone to leaks and explosions if faced with too much pressure or overuse, hot water bottles are not recommended for use with young children, and should be removed from a bed before sleep to avoid potential injury...

Are Shoe Care Kits Really Necessary Shoe Care Products?

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Fashion

Up until recently it was very easy to walk into a London shoe shop, cobblers or convenience store and come across all the shoe care products you ever needed Typically, it was very difficult to make out exactly what you were looking for as a whole range of shoe polishes and shoe accessories confronted you To make it easier these stores offered shoe care kits, essentially a well-chosen selection of shoe care products in a small toiletry like bag so that you could be fairly sure you had everything you needed...

Why Applying Black Shoe Polish To Your Work Shoes Can Make A Big Difference To Your Life, Your Health And Your Wallet

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Advice

It is funny how you can walk down the street and hardly see any well kept shoes Many people typically find the extra five minutes required to keep everything neat, tidy and presentable too big a commitment to carry out on a weekly basis There are many benefits giving your footwear a good clean every week can provide which most people underestimate...

Are Wooden Ties and Wooden Bow Ties a New Fashion Trend Or Are They Simply Just Another Fad?

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Fashion

I had never heard of wooden ties or wooden bow ties until around two years ago when I saw a stall dedicated to them at a Christmas market in London At first I thought they were no more than a new type of novelty tie, in other words no person wearing one could be taken seriously Ever since my first impression however, I have gradually started to believe and see how they really may be on right track to becoming the next major male fashion trend...

Why Are Oyster Card Wallets So Popular These Days?

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Travel

Oyster card wallets have been around since the introduction of the oyster card in 2003 for travelling on the London transport network Back then people didn't pay much attention to the wallets as they were pretty ugly looking and contained the name, logo and some advert for a global company such as Ikea or MasterCard who were sponsoring the scheme in some sort of way All oyster card wallets were the same having been designed with practicality in mind, there was a total lack of imagination...

Why Would Anyone Wear a Wooden Tie?

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Humor

At first, it was one of the most ridiculous things that I had ever heard I was at a Christmas market in Munich, Germany when I heard a trader yelling, "roll-up, roll-up, wooden ties only twenty euros" At first I thought that it must be my rudimentary German playing tricks on me again or perhaps the people in Bavaria spoke a lot differently to those I was use to in Berlin or Frankfurt...

The Evolution of the Hot Water Bottle

Author: Billy Murphy

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Rubber and PVC hot water bottles have been around longer than living memory That is ever since the turn of the 19th century when mankind had developed effective methods for melting and moulding rubber This was before the days of widespread central heating and so the hot water bottle provided a novel way of keeping warm for households with little or no access to heating...