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Date Joined: March 03, 2016

Country: United States

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A Legacy Tactic Women in Technology Leaders Use

Author: Christine Makell

Category: Break-up

A seasoned professional who is both knowledgeable and comfortable, exuding an inner confidence will often look for an opportunity to make a greater impact in the worldAt this stage of leadership, you are likely both mentor and sponsor of talented men and women in the organization As a mentor you’re offering advice, playing with strategies and tactics to improve their experience of career advancement and offering tips to keep them from derailing in their pursuits...

Boost Your Enjoyment of Leadership With This Tip

Author: Christine Makell

Category: Business

Like an elegant vessel gliding on water, you enter this decade of leadership with poise and grace There is a shift in your approach because you finally recognize which battles are worth your attention and which are not While still pursuing the opportunities to make a bigger impact, the focus is moved from just an internal result to an external influence...

How to Reenergize Today’s Woman in Technology Leader

Author: Christine Makell

Category: Business

You’re five years old Well, time in role…;) You’ve gotten past the point of giving up based on what you see or would like to see at the top, congratulationsOne of the roles I had in my IBM career was succession planning...

An Incredibly Useful Confidence Builder For Women in Tech Leaders

Author: Christine Makell

Category: Career

In 2014, Bain & Co published a surprising commentary on men and women and their level of confidence and aspiration when they enter the workplace The infographic revealed this “crisis in confidence” that occurs for women in year 2 of their careers The driver for this reduction in both confidence and aspiration is attributed to three factors:1...

How to Be Happy As a New Woman in Tech Leader

Author: Christine Makell

Category: Leadership

The challenge and opportunity of being a woman in technology leader is what excites those who enter the tech arena, whether they are in grade school STE...