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Date Joined: March 22, 2010

Country: France

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When and How to French Kiss

Author: Christopher Strong

Category: Dating

Today, here and now, I the bicycle gourmet, self-proclaimed expert on all lifestyle matters French am going to guide you, step by step ,inch by inch, through the potential social minefield of The French KissI refer, bien sur, to the "hello/goodbye" French kiss Not the "Hey babe, let’s get down to some lovin" variety...

French Cycling as a Lifestyle Option

Author: Christopher Strong

Category: Sports

Just when you think there's nothin' new under the cycle travellin' sun - a new idea squirts some grease on your gearsLike - Why not make French Cycle travel a lifestyle Not just a vacation option...

French Cycling - All You Need

Author: Christopher Strong

Category: Humor

GETTING STARTEDThere are exceptions to the truism”you get what you pay for” Buying a French Cycling bike is not one of them This is not a cost...

French Travel Treasures Uncovered

Author: Christopher Strong

Category: Travel

The Treasures of French Travel are not just the obvious Senic and Historic ones There are the Human, Cultural, and, of course, Culinary varieties"First among equals" of these gems are, naturally, the ones simply stumbled upon...

Impeach the Pope

Author: Christopher Strong

Category: Family Concerns

What did he SayOK - Impeach the Pope- not quite what you expected from me right The guy who's usually writing about all the pleasureable experiences of French County Life...

Pope Benedict - Our Wake Up Call

Author: Christopher Strong

Category: Business

Imagine for a moment, dear reader, that you are the universally respected CEO of a Multi-National Corporation You're written up in" Who's Who" You give big bucks to charity...