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Date Joined: February 15, 2016

Country: Philippines

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Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 3

Author: David Blaire

Category: Business

Now in 95 I went to New York- I was awarded a drama scholarship at a drama school in Manhattan and I took off to move there and live thereNow it was here that I discovered more people blending a performing arts career with voiceovers In fact there were quite a number of artists earning equity minimum On and Off Broadway by night, so you know, and let me tell you that is not enough to survive in a city like Manhattan but they were making good money in voiceovers by day...

Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 2

Author: David Blaire

Category: Arts and Crafts

OK so let me tell you a little bit of my story firstThis story goes back to 1990 Iím sure some of you werenít even born but here we go...

Andrew Carlton Voiceover Bootcamp Video 1

Author: David Blaire

Category: Marketing

Week 1 Ė Bootcamp Day 1OK welcome to The Biz Of Showbiz Bootcamp Week 1If you are just looking at a sample of the course then please visit Voiceover-Successcom to find out more...