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Date Joined: February 02, 2015

Country: United States

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What is Content Creation Anyway? And Where Do You Put Your Energy?

Author: Dawn Shuler

Category: Marketing

Content creation is being bandied about nowadays, especially in the online marketing world Each of us may have an idea of what "content" is, but you might be surprised at how many different things it is It's about every single day when you sit down at your desk and put your fingers on the keyboard...

Do You Need to Freshen Things Up?

Author: Dawn Shuler

Category: Home Management

I have a cool memorabilia board, and I switch it out every now and then Through February, it still had Christmas cards and the like hung on it As it came to my consciousness that it was time to change it out, it occurred to me that I was freshening up the energy...

What Movies Can Teach You About Writing

Author: Dawn Shuler

Category: Writing

After watching Gettysburg several months before, both Mark and I were champing at the bit to watch Gods and Generals Mark's a huge Civil War buff, and while I'm not an aficionado, I really loved Gettysburg Great characters, good writing, action that moved along...

How to Run Your Business Like a Big Girl (or Boy)

Author: Dawn Shuler

Category: Business

In order to successfully run your business, you have to focus on more than just the thing you do (coaching, consulting, assisting, bookkeeping, CPAing, etc) Some people find those other things are not the fun stuff...

One Goal - Hundreds of Steps. How to Manage, Get Through, And Complete a Huge Goal

Author: Dawn Shuler

Category: Business

Mark and I work from home, and since we're in a smallish, three-bedroom house, we share an office However, after two-and-a-half years of sharing the office (which personally works just fine), we're finding that the physical arrangement of the furniture no longer serves usWe have two big desks facing one another, and a huge computer armoire from my past life...