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Date Joined: October 27, 2009

Country: United States

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Degree 33 Surfboards. Love it Or Get a Refund.

Author: Degree33 Surfboards

Category: Break-up

Who's too leery to buy a surfboard over the Net What happens if it's not suited to your local break What happens if you are too old for that slightly radical surfboard that you still thought you were young enough, or light enough to ride easily...

Surfboard Racks

Author: Degree33 Surfboards

Category: Home Management

Surfboard racks, as the name would suggest, are used to secure one or more surfboards Surfboard racks can be used to hold surfboards safely in sheds, garages, on bikes, and cars Today we are going to look at surfboard roof racks, without which, many surfers would struggle to get a full car and their surfboard to the waves...

Surfboard Day Bags. Less Dings For Your Board.

Author: Degree33 Surfboards

Category: Womens Interest

A surfboard day bag makes good sense if you want to maximize the life of your surfboard While most of us assume that all damage to our boards is going to happen in the water, this isn't always the case Yep, the rocks and other surfers and boards can all wreak havoc with your board...

Surfboards For Beginners

Author: Degree33 Surfboards

Category: Recreation

Buying a beginner's surfboard for yourself or a child can be an overwhelming experience So many designs and lengths to select from Possibly so much varying advice that you have heard and read...

Surfboard Repairs Made Simple

Author: Degree33 Surfboards

Category: Finances

There are plenty of obstacles out there both in the water and on the land that can and will play havoc with your surfboard Rocks, coral, other surfers and boards, are all hazards that can easily damage your surfboard Then there's bumps, bangs, and drops out of the water that can crack or dent your surfboard...

Surfing Fitness Tips

Author: Degree33 Surfboards

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

To enjoy a good long surfing session requires more than just great waves and an appropriate surfboard Your surf fitness will have a profound impact on whether you are carving up the set, or floundering around unable to get out the back and paddle yourself onto a wave Or maybe you're alright for the first few, but then you have to come in too soon because you're flagging...