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Date Joined: January 14, 2011

Country: New Zealand

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Goal Setting And Coaching Towards Success

Author: Doug Ford

Category: Self Help

Life coaching helps you find what parts of your life are the most important for you It may help you in finding out which life aspects you wish to enhance Also, it will help you to make practical and considerable goals and help you recognize plus get rid of the obstacles in attaining all your desired goals...

Success in Life: Key Thoughts

Author: Doug Ford

Category: Self Help

Typically the keys to success are things that you already know but usually forget So, if you are planning to start any new venture, be it your very own business or just learning a new skill, here are some reminders of what is important Don’t go looking for some hidden, mysterious strategy to ensure that you will succeed...

Coaching For Small Business Success

Author: Doug Ford

Category: Business

Have you been thinking about setting up your own business – full-time or as part-time to earn some extra money Does this worry you because you do not have enough experience Do not worry...

How You Can Appeal to Potential Partners

Author: Doug Ford

Category: Business Management

People within the dating pool are continually trying to find methods to be popular with a potential partner It may be as simple as the question, "how to get a woman" or "how to get men...

Basic Review Of The Secret

Author: Doug Ford

Category: Self Help

“The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne elevated the novelist to fame as an specialist in the field of personal development only a few years ago The motion picture based on the manuscript “The Secret” had a variety of famous personal development coaches featuring in it This review of The Secret is intended for those who have not yet benefited from its magic...