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Date Joined: September 04, 2006

Country: United Kingdom

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Camisole Exposure

Author: Edward Banks

Category: Culture

You would think a game of Chinese Whispers were in progress, given the way some names mutate or adapt over time or across cultural and geographic boundaries Certainly in the fashion sector we see items adopting similar but uniquely different names in different situations The item they call a vest in the USA is known here at home as a waistcoat, whereas what we call a vest is more commonly known across the Atlantic as an undervest...

Army Jackets In Civvy Street. Can It Ever Work?

Author: Edward Banks

Category: Society

The military know a thing or two about clothing, and has done for thousands of years Whether it’s designed to provide soldier with warmth, dryness, coolness, camouflage, protection, intimidation or pomp on the parade ground, it has evolved over the centuries into what it is now Camouflage and khaki have now taken on semi-formal properties; it is not unusual to see treaties and surrenders being signed by generals in fatigues...

Getting Personal With Consolidation And Bad Credit

Author: Edward Banks

Category: Finances

Personal loans come in two basic forms – unsecured and secured Depending on your credit history and whether or not you are a homeowner, the type of personal loan available to you may vary When you apply for a personal loan, the lender will carry out a check on your previous borrowing history and will come to a decision based upon your previous credit history...

The Truth Behind Payday Loans

Author: Edward Banks

Category: Finances

Payday loans are sometimes considered when a person is struggling to balance their income and expenditure More often than not, this is occurs on a month-by-month basis, although some people resort to them to make ends meet if they’ve had to suddenly lay out money for something they hadn’t bargained for – an emergency, for example These kinds of loans are usually for smaller amounts than, say, a ‘traditional’ loan with borrowings usually less than $2000 or £1000...