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Date Joined: January 14, 2011

Country: Greece

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Was Donald Trump the Emperor Magnus Maximus in a Past Life?

Author: James Munro

Category: World Affairs

Emperor Trump Yes, the man we know as Donald Trump was once Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus But wait, I'm coming to that...

Indications of Melancholia in Karmic and Past Life Tarot Readings

Author: James Munro

Category: Advice

It is not uncommon for those who consult astrologers and tarot readers to be suffering from depression in one form or another Depression that could well have its root cause in one or more past lives But I want to start by considering the word "depression" and compare it with the original English word for this illness, "melancholy", "melancholia" recorded in the 14th century (it was used by the poet Chaucer) and probably in use decades, if not centuries, before that...