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Date Joined: August 11, 2016

Country: India

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How Important is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for the Aviation Sector?

Author: Jayesh Sawant

Category: Home Management

With aviation sector flourishing globally, the demand for more top line aircrafts is increasing with each passing day And with more aircrafts on board, the need arises for its regular maintenance and service This is where the role of an aircraft maintenance engineer is important as he looks after the maintenance and services of the aircrafts used for commercial operations...

Career Options After Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Author: Jayesh Sawant

Category: Home Management

Many believe that Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is same as that of Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering However, that’s not the case as AME is slightly different from Aerospace engineering Aeronautical engineers have expertise in the field at the B...

What Role Does an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Plays in Aviation Industry?

Author: Jayesh Sawant

Category: Home Management

The main job of an aircraft maintenance engineer is to keep the aircraft in working condition through inspections, repairs and maintenance The Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, regulates the mechanical work on aircraft and individuals wanting to pursue a career in this industry must meet particular training as well as certification requirements Aircraft maintenance engineers should be prepared to cautiously follow FAA regulations and work long hours on emergency repairs...

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – a Plethora of Opportunities

Author: Jayesh Sawant

Category: Travel

In today’s time the sky is the best place to travel Even for a common man flying is no more a dream and even passengers enjoy the comfort and safety of air travel When you enter a passenger aircraft the air hostess welcomes you with a smile and the pilot in command offers a welcome speech...