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Date Joined: November 11, 2011

Country: United States

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How to Get an Ex Back 5 Simple Tips

Author: Jess Marten

Category: Self Help

“It’s not you – it’s me” Those are not the five words you want to hear come out of your boyfriend’s mouthSometimes relationships just don’t work out, which can leave a person wondering what went wrong...

The Top 10 Greatest Break Up Songs For Girls

Author: Jess Marten

Category: Break-up

You are probably reading this because your boyfriend just broke up with you and you’re looking to:a) Find sad love songs so you can cry into your ice cream, OR,) Find empowering break up songs to lift your spirits and show that guy you deserve way better than him anywayIf you answered (b) then this is the list for you When I get dumped I want something – anything – to make me feel better...