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Date Joined: October 14, 2009

Country: United States

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Bar Stools Are They Substandard? Or Are They Made That Way to be Sold Here in the USA

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Business

After doing more research, I have news for you As I remember in my travels, I have seen furniture of excellent quality being made in foreign countries Thus why do we get this furniture that is of such poor quality...

Bar Stools, Counter Stools, Why Buy US Made Products

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Finances

As we move along in life and notice all the challenges that are happening here in the good old USA, there may be many questions in your minds One that is in my mind is why should we buy products made here in the USA That is a very important question, and deserves a good answer...

Bar Stools and Counters Stools, How to Support the USA Markets

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Travel

I think one of the tricky things to do for me is to start a new article, as I continue with my adventure of visiting stores and other sites, I find so many products made in many different countries but not the USA Do we have any responsibility with our own country Do we have any responsibility with the national manufacturing companies, and with our own local stores...

Bar Stools, Counter Stools, Quality: America Vs. The Rest of the World

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Business

As I was preparing myself to write this article, many things were going through my mind as I see the struggles this recession is causing Here in the USA I do not have the complete information concerning the amount of struggle that has been created in the family, but I am sure it is great As I keep searching many stores and many sites, I see that the trend of products not made in America, have saturated the U...

Is it Okay For Men to Cry?

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Dating

I have pondered about this subject, and as always my gears started turning again I do know it is a very difficult subject to talk about For generations of time, we men have been instructed to be different than women, in the sense of showing their masculinity at all times...

Bar Stools and Counter Stools, American Products Vs. The Rest of the World

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Business

As I was pondering about my next article, as usual my gears were turning, and this came to my mind Our country is going through hard times, and I see more foreign products out in the market With that in mind, what is the solution to get the country out of this very tight situation...

Women in Our Lives

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Womens Interest

I have read many articles over the years concerning relationships and women I will be touching a little bit on the subject of relationships Mostly I would like to talk about women, some of these articles I have read are well written, and many of us men do learn from them...

Bar Stools or Counter Stools, Are They to be Used Only in the Kitchen Patio or Gaming Rooms? Part I

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Home Management

Many years ago we followed a cliché of decoration that everyone felt they had to pursue We felt like we could not decorate our homes, cabins or businesses as we really would like to do We always worried about the here say that went on among people...

Bar Stools Or Counter Stools, Are They To Be Used Only In The Kitchen Patio Or Gaming Rooms? Part II

Author: Jose Condemarin

Category: Business

Ladies and gentlemen, I left you in the last article maybe pondering about the next room Well after I finished that article like always, my gears started turning on how I would address you I needed to make sure you got the point of using your own imaginative decorating spirit...