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Date Joined: September 28, 2012

Country: United States

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10 Steps to Making New Friends

Author: Jospeh Urbas

Category: Business

No matter what stage in life you're at, it isn't always easy to make new friends Whilst at school, college or university, making friends is relatively easy, even for shy people, as people are of a similar age, with fairly similar interests, in the same location However, making friends later on in life can be much more difficult...

I Love You-Will You be My Valentine?

Author: Jospeh Urbas

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

"I love you" is a "sweetest" one linerwe all likes to listen...

Knowing Attraction: What Exactly is It?

Author: Jospeh Urbas

Category: Sexuality

Lots of men believe that a woman's attraction means their willingness to sleep with you -- it's not Thinking like this may be harmful to your own dating life I am here to bust this myth and explain the things i believe is basic human appeal...

Learning of and From Really Like: 7 Secrets to Maximize Love

Author: Jospeh Urbas

Category: Finances

Like is actually a noun personified within the divine mother nature of our Software program and also a verb which has to be experienced to be fully grasped and recognized At first the Creator made them male and female in order to the two express His love to the individual also to form the best union whereby love could be modeled and expressed to the human raceLove compels us to supply of ourselves freely and wholeheartedly...

Ten Marks or Qualities of a Great Leader

Author: Jospeh Urbas

Category: Leadership

The world has plenty of followers however, not many very good leaders A lot continues to be written about leadership and lots of teachings and coaching is being done the world over in an attempt to increase the leadership bottom It's vital to make sure you make everyone in the team becoming a innovator...