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Date Joined: April 08, 2008

Country: United States

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Book Review: A Guide For Unmarried Fathers' Rights

Author: Judith Brown

Category: Parenting

I’d heard the stories: A scorned woman files a PFA (Protection from Abuse order) against her ex-husband Turns out the allegations were false – completely fabricated as a means of retaliation toward her former spouse Or the story of an ex-girlfriend who alleged domestic abuse, thereby barring her children’s father from seeing them – although the charges were never proven...

Leroy Jackson, III—Working Hard For Family Sake

Author: Judith Brown

Category: Short Stories

With a desire to feed his family, provide for their needs and live up to the father figure he never had, this husband, father and friend is a shining example to Black entrepreneurs everywhere (NOTE: One need not wear a suit to be a true entrepreneur) It is 6 a...

Eric Legette: From Victim to Advocate for the Rights of Fathers Everywhere

Author: Judith Brown

Category: Legal

Learn how one man refused to give up his paternal rights, and is now changing the course of custodial cases throughout the country His mission: to fight for rights of fathers; One father at a time No doubt about it: Eric Legette is a man’s man...

Review: Angela Davis Honors Hero in Frederick Douglass Book

Author: Judith Brown

Category: Politics

When I was a child, I heard stories about the so-called “activist” Angela Davis We’d whisper her name in the schoolyard – as if betraying our parents, those very ones who were themselves fooled into thinking that Ms Davis was truly an “enemy of the state...

Male Victims of Domestic Violence – When HE is the Victim

Author: Judith Brown

Category: Relationships

There are many programs for female victims of domestic violence too numerous to mention – and that’s a good thing But what happens when the MALE is the victim of domestic violence Are we as a society quick to intervene, do we show compassion for the male victim, or do we simply look the other way...

The Struggle of Overcoming Drug Addiction

Author: Judith Brown

Category: Advice

Drug addiction* permeates every society known to man It does not discriminate and has no known boundaries Yet, help can be found...