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Date Joined: November 19, 2009

Country: United States

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The Short Story - A Collection

Author: KC Walensky

Category: Short Stories

Iíll Be Home At Midnight I have a good friend who is a doctor A great guy but with one minor flaw: he never tells the truth One weekend we went to play tennis at a resort about a hour from my house...

Judge Matthew (Not Judy) Gets an 'A'

Author: KC Walensky

Category: Short Stories

The date was June 11, 1966 I was fifteen years old I am half finished with my Biology final exam I had studied for this exam for a week - I needed to 'ace' it in order to keep my 4...

The Trials and Tribulations of an Interfaith Marriage

Author: KC Walensky

Category: Marriage

I am Jewish and my wife is not Can an interfaith marriage work The answer is definitely yes But it's not always easy...