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Lucknow Kebabs | the Kebab Express

Author: Kebab Express

Category: Real Estate

Awadhi Cuisine in Lucknow has lot of influence from the Mughlai style of cooking and has lot more common with Hyderabadi and kashmir food The Awadhi Cuisine comprises of both vegetarian and meat dishes, which assents Dum Style of Cooking as can be seen in the Best Biryani and Best Kebabs in Lucknow or cooking over mild wood coal fire which has become significant symbol of lucknawi cuisine with numerous restaurants in Lucknow offering succulent dishesMughlai cuisine is well known for it luxuriance...

Best Non Veg Restaurants in Lucknow | the Kebab Express

Author: Kebab Express

Category: Food and Drinks

History Of the Galawati By The Kebab Express:Lucknow is known as the Paris Of The East during the Nawabi era Art, culture and architecture flourished during this period, so did the cuisine The Nawabs were very fond of sumptuous food, which is known as ‘Awadhi cuisine’ till date...