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Date Joined: October 19, 2012

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Top Ways to Get a Quicker Divorce

Author: Kelly Mclure

Category: Marriage

There are many ways people develop opinions about what divorce is like Hollywood has been portraying their version of what divorce is like on TV and film for decades However, like many Hollywood stories, the glamor often overshadows the harsh realities...

Top Dos and Donots of a Divorce

Author: Kelly Mclure

Category: Break-up

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce will tell you that there are things they regret Even if you are happier after your divorce than you ever were when you were married, there are bound to be things you wish you could take back or do over It is natural when two people are splitting up for things to be said and done that each party regrets...

Questions For Wedding or Event Bands or Musicians

Author: Kelly Mclure

Category: Entertainment

Before meeting with potential bands or musicians to hire for your next event, come up with a list of questions to ask them You’ll want to investigate whether or not the band or musician you are interviewing is professional Check their level of professionalism by their website, years in the field, specializations, acknowledgement in the Better Business Bureau and references...

Interesting & Edible Baptism Party Favors

Author: Kelly Mclure

Category: Entertainment

There are many kinds of favors that you can give your guests at a baptism party Here, you can find some money-saving options as well as favors you can purchase or make yourself of the edible variety These snack and candy ideas can be customized to make them baptism-specific and ready to take center stage on your food table...

Top Things You Should Know About Child Custody if You Are Getting Divorced

Author: Kelly Mclure

Category: Legal

There is no doubt that children complicate the already stressful process of divorce When a couple has spent enough time married to have introduced children into a relationship, it makes it harder to separate and go their own ways In an ideal situation, both parents can agree upon what type of living situation will work best for the children involved and reach a compromise without spending time slinging insults in a court room...

Tips For Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Author: Kelly Mclure

Category: Advice

Alcoholism poses a great threat to people of all races, creeds, and social classes While it is not unlawful to consume alcohol, many people become dependent upon the substance to the great detriment of themselves and those around them While consuming an occasional alcoholic beverage dose not classify you as an alcoholic, binge drinking, or drinking several alcoholic beverages every day can quickly turn into a problem...