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Date Joined: December 15, 2011

Country: Philippines

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Islamic Finance and Hidden Money of Muslims

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Finances

To promote Islamic Finance is a challenging job, which needs great leadership and management qualities to make it possible in the arena of interest based conventional monetary system of the world Interest is the soul of conventional banking system, while Islam prohibits interests categorically, in all its forms To think out interest free monetary system in the modern times after the Islamic monetary system took its last breath in the wake of Ottoman Empire’s fall needed great faith and skills of leadership and management...

The Dire Need of Telecom Training and Executive Coaching in the Middle East

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Business

Advancement in the telecommunication is a human miracle Telecommunication is distant communication, which started with the human need to convey his messages to someone whom he could not make hear his voice In the primitive or ancient times, right from the fire or smoke signals or drum beating to convey a set message associated with these phenomena, like warning or summoning people, to the present-day digital age of telecommunication, is a long but successful journey of human advancement...

Executive Skills in Telecommunication

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Business

Telecommunication is a global phenomenon This is the most manifest and the most cited feature of globalization This is because of telecommunication that the world is shrinking in face of its vastness into a global village; where there is endless facility of connecting people with each other all around the world...

Business Challenges and Leadership Development

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Leadership

Economic activities were not that complex and intricate as they are now, in the modern age of information technology and globalization Challenges are growing Competition is high...

Why Company Management Professionals Should Encourage Executive Coaching Programs

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Business

In the past, utilizing executive coaching was once viewed as weak Company management personnel were expected to simply take on huge responsibilities with the assumption; they can handle stressful situations with ease Upper-level management is assumed supermen and superwomen but the reality of this fact is that this type of coaching is helpful for anyone desiring to fine-tune their leadership and management skills...

Telecom Training and Executive Education

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Education

Today, we are living in an advanced and modern world where technology is increasing rapidly This era is also known as the digital and telecom era where we can connect with our families; friends, loved ones and with other people via digital medium such as internet and mobile phones The rate of literacy is also increasing in the world, and several educational institutes are adding some advanced fields or disciplines such as software, telecom, executive education, etc...

Is VoIP a Future Telephony For Business?

Author: Milemm Madinah

Category: Computers and Technology

As for last many years we have seen that technology has been changing rapidly Today in enterprises Voice over IP based systems are overtaking the traditional TDM based PBX systems as VoIP is cost effective and provides competitive advantages Service providers are busy developing new innovative products that work on open standards like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)...